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Review: Rock of Ages

Review: Rock of Ages Gabriel
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Summary: Gabriel takes a look at Rock of Ages, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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If only history had gone down the way Rock of Ages depicts it, giant boulder included. For those of you who don’t know, Rock of Ages is ACE Team and Atlus’ new game. If you saw Atlus, and the word weird popped into your head, you’re not far away from the truth. But Rock of Ages is so much more than that and although it’s not perfect, it has enough charm, originality and pure fun to get away with it. In Rock of Ages it’s all about the giant boulder, the finest weapon known to man. But let me fill you in on a little backstory first. The game puts you in the shoes of Sisyphus, a man forced to roll a boulder up a hill for all eternity. The problem is, Sisyphus isn’t happy with this arrangement, so he decides to use said boulder against those who try to oppress him, and so begins his journey through 5 time periods: Ancient Greek, Medieval, Renaissance, Rococo and Goya, where he goes up against various different rulers. I know, it’s a silly setup, but that’s what makes the game work so well! Before every battle, you’re presented with a cutscene in the style of old, greek art, only it’s animated and voiced in a hilarious way, setting up a story involving familiar faces in the most silly way possible. But how does the game play? Here’s where your big boulder comes into play. Every stage is a versus match against a famous historical figure. Both Sisyphus and his opponent hide behind big, sturdy doors, leaving the grunt work to the various defenses you can build and your boulder. Each one of these doors is found at each end of a long, winding stage. Your job is to protect your door while also trying to destroy the one your enemy is hiding behind. In between these, you can build all sort of structures such as towers, catapult, wind fans and even employ the help of cows and elephants, all with the purpose of slowing down the enemies’ boulder or kicking it off the map. Here, the game is divided into basically two modes: a real-time strategy game and a third-person action game where you control the boulder. Every time you use your boulder, your subjugates must build you a new one, and while you wait for this to happen, you set up your defenses in order to protect Sisyphus. This is what the game boils down to. Sadly, the real-time strategy part fails to live up to the greatness of the boulder-handling mode. The controls are to finicky to support any type of precise placement of structures, and in the long run, they don’t really seem to do much to stop your enemy. Your focus is then turned to just being faster with your boulder than your opponent is. Thankfully, this part is so fun, it makes up for the other mode’s inadequacies. Couple this with a great sense of humor and an interesting art style, and you’ve got a pretty fun game on your hands. In addition to this, the game features two other modes. One of them is “War”, which pits two players against each other, tasked with destroying each other’s door. And the other in is one that should be instantly familiar to those who know skee ball. It’s called SkeeBoulder and it’s exactly what it implies: a rendition of skee ball, featuring your trusty boulder in an attempt to reach a high score. It serves as a pretty fun diversion from the main campaign and it’s a welcome addition. Rock of Ages is not a perfect game but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is a really fun one. If you’re looking for something witty and original, look no further. Go grab a boulder and start taking those damn doors down!

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