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Rioters Burn Down Sony DADC Facility

No doubt Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys will be laughing their heads off, but trust me, this is no laughing matter. People are losing their jobs because of these riots, and are only costing the government more money meaning more taxes will be made. GREAT JOB. Anyway, if you have just woken up after another night of riots, you may be shocked to hear that Sony became one of the victims of the fires the rioters caused. Just before midnight last night, rioters set the Sony Digital Audio Disc Corp. alight in Enfield, UK. What has this got to do with gaming? Well this is the place where EU games are published, as well as Blu-Rays, CD’s and UMD’s. Rioters were seen running away with stolen goods before the building was set on fire. No doubt many jobs have been lost, and this time, the government wasn’t to blame. UPDATE: Nobody knows yet how much this may have hurt the gaming industry. Pictures from Sky News and BBC News (click to enlarge):

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