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Published on March 7th, 2011 | by Ben Gray


Review: Trick or Treat [XBLIG]

Release Date: 4th March 2011 Genre(s): Arcade, Mini-Games Developer: Aztec Games Type: Xbox Live Indie Game Rating: 3+ [Rating:6/10] Trick or Treat Those long journeys on the train or that gruelling wait for the next bus were usually occupied with the odd minigames on my mobile phone; bouncing that ball with the platform to destroy the blocks, hammering the directional buttons in a last ditch effort to keep the ball going – which never usually worked and was normally accompanied with odd looks from nearby passengers. Trick or Treat brings back that classic formula onto the indie scene and coats it in a sweety art style featuring life’s delights. It will be a inexpensive return to the good ol’ days for most, but others won’t have a clue what the fuss is all about. Trick or Treat offers some cheesy tune droning in the background as you enter the cartoon-like menus, with the simple layout that many are familiar with. The game offers both single player and local multiplayer experiences, complete with the leaderboards you need to boast your highest efforts – if you can make it that far. There’s nothing much to the controls that you wouldn’t expect from an arcade style game like this, just simply a button to launch the ball and the left stick to move the platform around. If you still struggle with that concept, you are likely to struggle at games in general. Difficulty setting range from the stupidly easy to the ridiculously insane, so there’s enough to occupy for most.
Trick or Treat

Nom Nom Nom!

Now for the actual game. Each time you boot it up, you start from the first level with three lives. The chocolatey blocks must be completely destroyed to advance, whilst you chuck your candy in their direction. The game becomes faster paced when more blocks are added to the mix as you struggle to keep the candy going. A lack of continue or level select options may be off-putting for some, but make sense for the way score is earned. You can grab extra points by collecting the objects that fall, but risk missing the candy if you decide to gamble. The option to be able to move the platform vertically as well as horizontally is a useful addition too. The simple formula is enticing but may wear off quickly for some – as this seems to be a more pick up and play formula rather than something that keeps you hooked.

A few things could be done to improve the overall aesthetics of the game, such as the detail of the blocks, which could easily be replicated by anyone with standard editing software, and perhaps more elements of danger to keep the hardcore on their toes would be welcomed. But for the cheap price, you’re getting what you paid for, and I would certainly be picking up something like this rather than some avatar prop with my cash. Trick or Treat is a fun, short-term experience with a welcoming theme and features to keep those looking for that quick minigame busy, but won’t be keeping anyone glued to the game for long with not much incentive to replay other than getting a better score.

The Good

  • Pick up and play fun
  • Inventive themes
  • Leaderboard and multiplayer support

The Bad

  • Appeals wears off quickly
  • Lack of continue and level select
  • Could use polishing

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