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Review: The Lost Hobo King (Stacking) (DLC)

Release Date: 6th April 2011 Genre(s): Adventure/Puzzle Developer: Double Fine Productions Publisher: THQ [Rating: 9/10] (9)   I know what you’re thinking… OK. I don’t. But here’s what you might be thinking: “I know Charlie. He doesn’t play games like Stacking, does he?” In which I would respond “I play with all sorts of games. And Stacking is rather enjoyable” in which stage, you would say “… Huh? Sorry I stopped at “I play with all sorts”… Get it? … OK bad joke. So if you haven’t played Stacking, you should. It’s definitely a solid game with a bunch of laughs. And if you think Stacking is always cheesy, that is where you are wrong. Of course, I am here to review the DLC, not the actual game. However, had I reviewed the game itself, I would have given the game a 9 for how well made it was made, although I would have panned that the hints made the game feel too easy to get all of the challenges. The Lost Hobo King is rather cheap, I must say. I honestly expected the DLC to be something that of 560 MSP or 800 MSP, but THQ and Double Fine were kind to have the price as just 400MSP! The story of the DLC is rather simple. Charlie travels to the kingdom of “Camelfoot” with Levi (who you may remember from the main game as the guy who created monuments of Charlie’s adventures). Charlie is to help uncover the lost crown, so that Levi’s uncle can become king of the Hobo’s. You are to try and find three blacksmiths, whom of which are the only three people who can create the lost crown. The DLC will possibly take you around half an hour to complete if you were just trying to speed run through it, although if you were like me (I was trying to get 100% achievements on Stacking as the DLC was the remaining achievements I needed), you may want to try and collect everything, in which case, it could take you more than an hour and a half.

A wooden knight in shining metal armour...

If you don’t know the way of Stacking, it is rather simple. You are a very small Matryoshka doll, and every character in the game is also a Matryoshka doll. You need to stack inside other dolls in order to solve puzzles to progress to the next stage. Stacking inside other dolls allows you to do comical stuff, such as in the new DLC, you can stack inside a bunny. If you hop near people, they will also hop for fun. Another is a person wearing a submarine helmet with fish hooks all around it. You can use the ability, in which the submarine will destroy any dolls that get in the way of the hooks. Rather cool, huh? The DLC adds 15 unique dolls, and a bunch of regulars which you will see all over the map. Most of the dolls abilities are unique to those from the main game, so Double Fine have certainly outdone themselves. The DLC also adds 10 new Hi-Jinks. A couple of them you can work on your own, but a couple may take you a while to figure out, or may force for you to look up how to solve them. Hi-Jinks are challenges you need to complete. Since there are ten, I suppose I could spoil one:
  • “Smoked Meat” – Use the “Smoke Out” ability on any doll with a meat hat.
You need to do that one five times in order to complete the Hi-Jink. Believe it or not, that was the final Hi-Jink I needed before I got 100% achievements. Speaking of which, the game comes with four achievements. They are the same as those from the main game, which are to just complete the DLC’s story, unlock all the Hi-Jinks, collect all unique dolls and find all the ways to complete the challenges.

Try the fish. It tastes horrible.

Again, like the main game, the hints allowed you to work out all the challenges by yourself, which it’s always tweaks like these why games are getting too easy. Although, this game does seem to appeal to children (sort of), so I suppose Double Fine had to consider that. Also, you know how a lot of games seem to have zombies? Umm… well there’s something I should tell you. Come closer child… closer… *whispers* There are also Zombies in the DLC! *returns to normal voice* (UPDATE: They’re actually called Ghouls. I felt I had to Tim, even though you said it didn’t matter. They’re zombies to me!) Stacking is no doubt a lot of fun, and even though it’s set out like a silent film, it never gets in the way on how enjoyable it is. For 400MSP, I think this is a perfect slice. If this was priced at 560MSP, I may have had a few things to say. At 800MSP, I would be fuming. If you loved the main game, you will think of the Lost Hobo as another appealing mission as if it was already in the game itself. I can’t help but wonder though… is there a gallery which tracks your collectables like in the main game with Levi?  

The Good

  • Perfect pricing at 400 MSP
  • A very neat and tidy chunk of DLC
  • Has more humorous comedy as the main game
  • More collectables. Fun fun fun!
  • As unique as the first time you played Stacking

The Bad

  • The hints are still too easy
  • Not everybody’s “cup of tea”
  • Those who move onto the DLC before the main game may be confused
[Rating: 9/10](9)

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