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Review: The Arrival (DLC) (Mass Effect 2)

Release Date: 29 March 2011 Genre(s): Third-Person Action Shooter Developer: Bioware Publisher: EA Games Rating: M (Mature), 15+ [Rating:6.5/10] You know me. The guy who used to hate Mass Effect 2 and then once he played it, he became a fan. Well I was determined to buy the newest and last Mass Effect 2 DLC on day one. All I knew is that it was about the Reapers and there was something counting down to something. Is that all you knew? And what, you don’t have 560 MSP to buy it? Well my friends, let me give you my review on it. Maybe you won’t waste your money, or maybe you’ll suddenly find money. So according to Bioware, it does not matter at all when in the game you play the DLC, whether it be in the middle of the game or right at the end (to be honest though, it’s best to play it half way through, where the DLC will feel like a 9/10 rather than a 6.5/10).

Nothing new here- OMG IS THAT A MASS RELAY? ... Feh.

Admiral Hackett contacts you, and asks you, and only you, to go on a mission to help rescue a woman who “apparently” knows information on an upcoming Reaper invasion. You go alone and manage to break her out. Not long after, you end up on some strange asteroid that has a big countdowns (we all love countdowns right?) which counts down to when the Reapers will arrive, hence the DLC titled “The Arrival”. The aim of the DLC is to find a way to stop “The Arrival” before the countdown gets to zero, but everything goes to hell when you trust someone too much in a short space of time (Hey. I may have blurted the ending a bit, but it may have just saved you 560 MSP). There is nothing really new in the Mass Effect 2 DLC, except there is a segment where you can sneakily past guards rather than kill them to get a nice achievement. Of course, me being me, I just killed them. Other than that, it’s just a “shoot-and-go” DLC. No vehicles, no OMG moments, nothing. However, if you do like Achievements, there is 3 of them. The one where you have to be sneaky, another one where you have to face 5 waves of enemies half way through the DLC, and the other is a big 50G achievement for completing the DLC, or Bioware’s way of saying: “We screwed up. Here’s 50G!” (With Dragon Age II, Bioware seem to have a habbit of doing that now).

Ooh! I love countdowns. Especially those that go boom before it get's to zero.

There are a couple of neat visuals, and a few “oooooh” moments, but the locations you maneuver through feel like those from the main game and the characters are a big fat feh. Overall, this DLC is less than impressing. Personally, I would rather play this DLC half way through rather than at the end, because if you play the DLC at the end after the main ending you had, you’ll have gone “OMG OMG OMG” and then after the DLC “What a buzz kill”. I just had to be thankful I completed the game a few months before the DLC, so I wasn’t let down much. And before you ask, yes there is a Reaper appearance… One. Is it worth the 560MSP? Why not if you’re an achievement whore, but if you’re planning on getting all 3 achievements, back up your saves as once you’ve completed the DLC, you have to start the game ALL over again or revert to an earlier save. But this DLC… you know those missions in Mass Effect 2 where you weren’t really bothered about what happened in it? This is one of those missions. This DLC is no where near as fun as the Shadow Broker DLC.

The Good

  • Optional Stealthing: A little more fresh.
  • Some fat achievement prizes
  • A few neat visuals

The Average

  • A DLC that needs to be played at the right time
  • “Sort of” bridges the gap from ME2 to ME3.

The Bad

  • Not much new in the DLC.
  • Weak characters
  • Environments feel samey samey.
  • What is going on exactly?

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