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Review: Super Meat Boy

  • Release Date: 20 September 2010
  • Genre(s): 2D platformer
  • Publisher(s): Xbox Live Arcade
  • Developer: TeamMeat
  • Rating: Teen
[rating:9/10] 9 out of 10 Super Meat Boy is a devilish 2D platformer from the appropriately named Team Meat that tops off Microsoft’s Game Feast Arcade promotion. Right off the bat Super Meat Boy charms with it’s characters and it’s cuteness with it’s opening intro scene in where you see the love of Meat Boy’s life, Bandage Girl, taken hostage by simply a foetus in a jar named, Dr. Fetus (American spelling). This may not sound cute but the way these characters and the story are presented is a really good set up to what is nothing near a ‘cute’ game.

You play as Super Meat Boy attempting to rescue Bandage Girl at the end of each perilous stage. The catch? Navigating your way through level after level scattered with hazards that are extremely deadly, especially for a cube of meat. The levels are set in different environments incorporating hazards such as spinning circular saws, salt and boiling hot lava and they start of pretty simply requiring little thought to guide Meat Boy to his destination but they soon escalate into sick, sadistic death traps forcing you to think, and think fast. There is help though, and it comes in the form of a trail of blood that Meat Boy leaves behind as he traverses the levels. This almost acts as a clue or a guide on where to go or where not to go as you gradually inch your way through the levels and this is very useful. But it doesn’t make the game easy by no means. It’s merely a small hint as to what to avoid, i.e. that giants ball of lava that’s coming your way.

As there are no checkpoints throughout the levels in Super Meat Boy, the levels require pinpoint accuracy, deadly precision and a bit of patience. Okay, a lot of patience! You will die. A lot. Yet Super Meat Boy keeps you hooked with the ‘just one more go’ mentality and eventually, you will beat that level and you will rescue your beloved Bandage Girl. Until the pesky Dr. Fetus comes along and snatches her just from your grasp. Super Meat Boy has the same addictiveness and the same qualities that made last year’s Xbox LIVE Arcade hit Trials HD the massive success it was and I personally hope to see Super Meat Boy reach the same heights of Trials HD. Yes you will get frustrated with the levels, and Meat Boy will die a lot, but you’ll continue to try and continue to die, all for the great feeling of satisfaction you get when you reach the end of a mind-boggling level only to swiftly move on to the next sadistic creation.

The characters all have the classic Newgrounds style


At the time of writing due to time constraints I am yet to finish the last few levels, but I assure you the 95% of the game I have played was sheer enjoyment, and Super Meat Boy really does echo Trials HD, and it deserves the same recognition. So go ahead, see if you can guide a small cube of meat through a level of hazardous objects. Yes, it sounds crazy, that’s because it is. But it’s also one of the most addictive Xbox LIVE Arcade titles I’ve played this year.

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