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Review: Raskulls

Release Date: 29 December 2010 Genre(s): Action Platformer Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studios Developer: Halfbrick Rating: E (Everyone), 7+

[Rating: 8.5/10]

Raskulls surprised me. I honestly thought this game would just be a small mini game trying to be funny to its audience, but would fail terribly. Raskulls is the complete opposite. It does try to be funny and I’m quite a few places, it really is, and the fact that there is no dialogue proves that you don’t need voice acting for a game to be funny. Text is just as good. So the story starts off when a space pirate ship crashes onto a planet ruled by Raskulls, small humanoid creatures with skulls for heads. In the ship are three rats, and they’ve been trying to find the cheese planet, but have ran out of fuel and have crash landed. In order to get their ship back into the sky, they need to obtain a shiny stones. The king learns that somebody is set on stealing these, as th so he sends other Raskulls to deal with the problem. The story is very basic, so even a small child would understand the story. There are a few surprises along the way, as well as many comedic gags. I won’t spoil anything, but you’ll find some of them ridiculous at first, and then you’ll be going “… wtf?”. The ending may also make you chuckle too. I hope.


Now most games today would come across as being too easy. Although some of the missions you face in the game are very easy, there are some that will frustrate you, which is a good thing, because then nobody can complain that this game is too easy, but it’s a bad thing too, as it just “GOD DAMN FRUSTRATES YOU”. The missions have a lot of variety, and they really require you to think. A LOT. In every single mission, you are using your wand someway or another, which every Raskull has. You make your way through missions by destroying blocks that are in your way. Missions can be that of just plain racing to the finish line, sculpting shapes, making your way to the top of a level without any blocks squashing you, making sure fragile items reach the ground floor without them breaking and so forth, so there is a whole variety, so it doesn’t feel too repetitive. There’s also a couple of chase sequences too that may just have you panicking… well…. I panicked… DONT JUDGE ME! There are 3 chapters to explore in the game, and yes, characters do seem to break the fourth wall, but only slightly. As well as the campaign (also known as the “Mega Quest”), you can also play the Grand Prix races, (on your own against a bunch of AI), or in Multiplayer. Multiplayer is rather fun, but there are just a few things that do bug me about it. The first is being that when you are all huddled together, it can get a little bit glitchy, meaning you could possibly be thrown back into an area accidentally. Depending on a person’s internet connection may also affect what position you are in on a race, so multiplayer is a little unfair in places. As you play multiplayer, you earn levels as well as receive letters from the king, where he tells you how proud he is of your accomplishments in multiplayer (let’s face it. At some point, he’ll stop writing letters, so don’t feel too loved). You can choose any character from the campaign game, as long as you have unlocked them, but choose your favourite fast, as somebody else may snatch him up. It would have been great if there were more multiplayer modes too, as Grand Prix are just 4 races, and the one with the most gold skulls wins the Grand Prix. I would have liked to have seen some of the single player missions brought into the multiplayer.

Just a totally normal day.

Raskulls is a fun, charming game that you’ll enjoy for about 3 or so hours, maybe longer if you end up doing the bonus missions. With a few surprises along the way (which you’ll find out once completing the game), Raskulls will leave you wanting more right after the game has finished. It certainly isn’t the greatest arcade game of the year, but it’s certainly one of the best.


[Rating: 8.5/10]

+ Charming and Funny

+ It’s a game that isn’t TOO easy

+ Not TOO repetitive

– Multiplayer is a little laggy

– Needs more multiplayer modes



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