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Published on September 29th, 2010 | by Daniel


Review: Plants vs Zombies

Release Date: 8th September 2010
Genre(s): Tower defense
Publisher(s): PopCap Games
Developer: PopCap Games
Everyone’s favourite videogame victims, zombies, return in the Xbox 360 version of PopCap’s take on tower defence games just as the British Summer comes to an end. The basic premise of the game is pretty much the same as all tower defence games that have been before it and all that will come after it. You have to set up various units, in this case plants, to defend your house against the hordes of enemies, in this case the the off-green foes. Throughout the game you unlock new plants which mix up tactics a bit and also provide defence against some of the new foes that get introduced along the way. For example the Screen Door Zombie requires use of the Fume-Shroom in order to kill it. There are various pairings like this and it’s up to you to decide what plants to take into each battle after seeing what zombies are waiting to attack your luscious green lawn. That’s basically the entire campaign. It’s not heaped with deep options or anything like that, it’s just a simple straight up plants vs zombies battle to the death. And if you’re afraid of it becoming boring or repetitive, don’t be. Plants vs Zombies features an extensive amount of plants and zombies for you to unlock and defeat and after you’ve passed the first few levels you’ll soon find yourself frantically rushing across the screen to collect sunlight and plant that all important plant to save your house. You don’t just do this on your front yard either. Oh no. The game features different environments which introduce new elements and force you to think a bit more tactically. For example night stages allow you to use shrooms and when you move to defend the back yard there’s a swimming pool to contend with. There’s also special levels like walnut bowling or whack a zombie, which are fun and are used sparingly. They may not be the biggest variations ever seen in a game but they certainly split the game up a bit and keep you guessing. Visually, the game’s just as charming as other XBLA versions of PopCap titles such as Peggle and even the zombies look good in their mangled state. What the XBLA version introduces though is mini games and multiplayer play, in the form of a versus mode and a co-op mode. Mini games are a little bit of fun from the main adventure and multiplayer lets you team up with a friend to take on the zombie hordes or lets a friend take control of the zombies while you control the all important plants. All in all, Plants vs Zombies is a pretty comprehensive package that covers all bases for fun, tactical gameplay and all out zombie destruction. I mean who doesn’t enjoy demolishing zombies for fun, especially when plants are used as the preferred weapon of choice? Even if you own the PC, iPod/iPhone or iPad version of the game it’s still worth buying as it introduces the multiplayer and mini game modes I previously mentioned. And it gives you another excuse to play with plants and zombies. What more do you want?

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