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Review: Pinball FX 2

Release Date: October 27 (EU and US) Genre(s): Pinball Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studios Developer: Zen Studios Rating: E (Everyone), 7+


Pinball FX is back for it’s second helping,with 13 maps to play with. But is it better than the first? We know!

Some pinball games tell it’s own story, but Pinball FX 2 is a little different, as it takes you through various genres of games and time periods instead. A few maps included are:

  • Secrets of the Deep – One of my favourite maps. In this map, you are travelling below the sea and finding what secrets may lurk there. This map involves a giant squid, a talking shark and a submarine. This is one of the best maps and has more variety than any other map.
  • Rome – If this map is set in Rome, then most likely you’d be in the middle of a roman war. It’s hard to get points from this one, but has it’s fun moments.
  • Pasha – From what I gathered, you arrive in a city in a cart, where magic and genies exist. One of my least favorites, but does have it’s fun moments.
  • Biolab – You enter a laboritory where experiements are being made, once of which is an alien experiment where the player tries to transform it somehow.
  • The remaining 9 are from Pinball FX and the DLC.
All the maps are so colourful, including Pinball FX’s maps. But comparing the two sets of maps, Pinball FX 2’s are a huge improvement and are tonnes more fun than the first game, just due to the fact you can do a lot more to earn points. Each map tries to tell it’s own story, but it’s quite hard to follow in some areas.

It's blue, dabadedabadai!

Of course, this is pinball, and the way you earn points is by hitting the bumpers and pray you get some good points or that the ball ends up in a good place. You get three balls to work with; maybe more if you get multiball. In some maps, you can get bonus points if you hit the right spot perfectly when launching the ball. It’s insanely hard to get into the millions of points in this game, but I’ve managed to do it, beating out my friend by a good few million, which feels like an acomplishment, but the feeling doesn’t last for too long. What’s quite difficult is the UI displace in the top left corner. It shows you your points and instructions on how to get bonus points, but you get so scared to look at it as you are afraid you’ll lose your ball accidentally. Although I said that the game is expensive, it’s actually not. You can buy the first game, Pinball FX, for 800MSP, or/and you can get Pinball FX 2 for the same price. The DLC’s from the first game each cost 200MSP, so it’s only expensive depending on what you buy. The achievements are insanely hard to obtain, and may take you a while to get achievements in the 25G’s. 5G achievements will be easy, but sometimes they happen by pure chance, as the achievement descriptions themselves don’t help in what you have to do.

Prince of Persia- Oh crap. Wrong Game.

Pinball FX 2 is fun for the first few games, with it’s colourful display and how appealing it is, but on that note, it doesn’t have a lasting appeal, due to how difficult it is to earn points and get high scores. It won’t be before long when a better game draws you in and you forget about Pinball FX 2. However, once you do get drawn back to the game, you wonder why on earth you forgot about it… but then you’re drawn into another game too…

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