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Review: Pigsy’s Perfect 10 (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West)

Release Date: 23 November 2010 (EU and US) Genre(s): Third-Person Action Publisher(s): Namco Bandai Games Developer: Ninja Theory Rating: T (Teen), 16+


Face the fact that the sales were a little disappointing. Such an amazing game that could possibly be a contender for Action Game of the Year has made it’s comeback with some promised DLC. Instead of carrying on with the main story, Ninja Theory has decided to go on a different route, by taking us into what life is like for Pigsy. The story begins, where we follow the life of Pigsy, a fat slob, but who is damn right funny. As he goes through life, he learns something… something’s missing. He realises that he needs a friend, even though he has Truffles, a piece of flying yellow tech that just reminds you of a Japanese anime character… (That means Truffles is cute… even though Truffles is supposedly male.) So Pigsy decides that he is going to build himself a new friend. He has most of the parts he needs, but there are three key items he doesn’t have. He knows where the locations are (somehow. But hey, he’s Pigsy, and he’s just plain awesome), and all he has to do is find them. Simple? Of course not. He has to face many dangers, and with the help of his gun, named Lola, can he find all 3 parts and build his new friend? What’s unexpected about this DLC is how long it is. You would think such a DLC of a game that isn’t exactly open-world would last about an hour, but this DLC has a good 3-4 hours of content. The storyline doesn’t seem too silly at all, as if you’ve played the main game, you’ll know what Pigsy is like, and such a story is normal for him.

You've gained more weight Pigsy- oh that's just Truffles.

Now, you aren’t Monkey, so you don’t have his agility, his cloud or his staff (or his better looks than Pigsy’s). What you do have is your sniper rifle named Lola, plus four extra abilities that you’ll receive throughout the DLC. They are:
  • The Squealer – It’s just like Trip’s distraction device, where it distracts your enemies for a short time, but do be careful as if you try to hut your enemies as this goes, they may just go after you rather than the distraction.
  • The Sizzler – Another device you may remember from the main game. Trip had a device just like this, where if she was attacked by a Mech, she could create a blast of EMP, stunning her enemies. This will have the same effect, but you can choose an area to throw it in.
  • The Sty Stirrer – When you place the item on the ground, any enemies in range of its blast will become your ally for a short period of time, taking out your enemies. This is a great device to when you want to take o your ally/enemy to.
  • The Swine Bomb – Does this one need explaining? The blast will really damage any enemies caught in its radius. This device is also useful in destroying weak objects.
All four items are extremely useful, including your weapon, Lola. Half of the DLC are supposed to be sneaky escapes (how many of those I followed, I can’t remember) and half of the DLC are supposed to be combat chapters. It’s nice that Ninja Theory has mixed these kinds of chapters up, but even though you get a good 3-4 hours of content, it did feel like the DLC dragged on a little bit. I mean just when you thought you had finished the DLC, there are more chapters to complete, which despite being good for the fact Ninja Theory have tried their hardest to make this a lengthy piece of content, the repetitive chapters feel just a little drowsy, or maybe that was me when recording the walkthrough at the same time.

What a view. What a dump.

The collectables and achievements have returned. There are around 50 items to collect, in the form of sexy female posters and snacks for Mr. Pigsy, and eight brand spanking new achievements to obtain. All the collectables are a little difficult to find, but play it enough, and you’ll find them all in no time. In my first play through, i got over half of them, so that’s a good thing, but they’re hidden deep, so good luck finding them. The DLC is a great piece of content, with many hours to play through, tonnes of collectables to find and a heck of a bonkers story. The sad thing is, the game did not sell, so we might not see any new content any time soon (if we did, I personally would love to see DLC of the backstory of Monkey or Trip, on how they got captured). The other sad thing with the DLC is that it’s a little repetitive at times, but the DLC is a great challenge, even in the easiest mode. But Pigsy is definitely a perfect choice for the DLC. I just hope the next game Ninja Theory will have just as good DLC.

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