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Review: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime [XBLA]

Release Date: 23 March 2011 Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Shooter Developer: Behaviour Publisher: Atari [rating:5.5/10] (5.5) Review by Jamie Tarren

The team of ghost-busting horrors has returned in a new adventure and new fight against some troublesome ghosts. The new recruits have been sent out to help combat the sudden rise in paranormal activity, including a couple of boss fights along the way. The task of developing the game was left down to Behaviour Interactive, but have they managed to give it that Ghostbusters feel?

As there are 4 new recruits you can take the action online in four-player co-op, so that’s what I did straight away. The storyline throughout the game isn’t exactly the best of Ghostbusters’ storylines, but it does follow on in the movie’s footsteps, creating the same movie feel through the use of dialogue, which can even make a grown man laugh. The new characters instantly feel at home in this repetitive world, and by repetitive I mean a lack of variety to each world. I can count the number of different settings on one hand, as there are only about five, not including the final boss location that is. The locations range from a hotel, an asylum, the sewers, a cemetery and finally the streets of New York City. Not only are the choice of settings repeated, but the storyline also seems to repeat itself – you enter a room, the door locks behind you and you and team fight all the ghosts in the room before you can move on to the next area.

The only boost on this game really is the co-operative play mode, which isn’t always ideal when players drop out half way through levels, when you could really do with their help during a boss fight. Bosses aren’t really that hard to defeat on normal, but if you decide to pump up the difficulty of the game, you’ll probably require some companions, rather than just your own skill at the game. Plus it’s more fun to play with other players than play alone. Don’t get me wrong some singleplayer experience only games play great, but this wouldn’t be one of them. The main focus during gameplay is to select the right coloured weapon, in order to defeat the matching enemy. There are only three colours of enemies, which are blue, red and yellow. Each weapon will also fire differently, as a blue weapon will fire large blue cannons, whilst the red Proton Stream fires a ray of red and orange energy at ghosts. It can be quite difficult to manage the use of each weapon, especially when you’ve got a range of different coloured spiders crawling towards you, but in the end you know what you’ve got to do and it’s even easier when you take the action online in co-op. The other component of each level is traps, which are thrown at a boss once he’s defeated. In order to capture the spectre you have to button-bash through the sequence of buttons displayed on screen. You’ll even get an achievement if you manage to achieve 100% on any of the button sequences. Whilst this can be frustrating to achieve, at least it adds a little variation to the game, rather than the frequent locking of rooms and firing of weapons that takes place.

One of the levels which were of interest to me was when you take to the urbanised streets in the back of the Ecto-4WD car. You make a few stops along the way to clear out enemies, but again it gives you a breather from the repetition throughout. Whilst playing co-op, sometimes you’ll find that you’re doing all the work, whilst others just sit back and watch. Well if you wanted to be really cruel you could always leave them on the floor when they go down and need reviving. But if you’re a helpful player like myself, you’ll go straight in for the revive. This was one of the most frustrating controls I found on the game, as to revive a team mate you first have to tap A once to start the procedure and then keep bashing A again to fill the revive bar up. As easy as it sounds, it isn’t quite so simple when you’ve got a whole load of ghosts around you and you want to perform a quick revive. Unless you’re an expert button basher, you’ll often find yourself bashing A to get them up straight away, instead of that you’ll actually just stand over them going in and out of the revive animation.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime has attempted to be a good movie-based game, yet failed in my opinion. The overused settings of levels and the lack of storyline really make it quite short. The only mode which might add more play time to the game is co-op, which isn’t all that up to scratch, as most of the time it feels as though you’re competing against the other three players, rather than actually working together to get the job at hand done. Anyone who isn’t a fan of Ghostbusters will probably want to stay away from this title or at least play the trial version first. If you’re a fan I would probably do the same process again and download the trial first.  

The Good

  • Co-op mode isn’t half bad
  • The theme tune is on the main menu
  • New enemies and bosses

The Bad

  • Repeated settings of levels
  • Repeated level design of locking each area off
  • No storyline, just a marathon of ghost busting
[rating:5.5/10] (5.5)    

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  • I love that in the pros you’ve put ‘The theme tune is on the main menu’. I love the theme tune. Let’s put it on repeat for the whole time I’m playing this game.

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