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Published on September 24th, 2010 | by Ben Gray


Review: Dance! It’s Your Stage

Release Date: 8 September 2010 Genre(s): Family, Music Publisher(s): dtp young entertainment GmbH & Co. KG Developer: Sproing Interactive Media GmbH Rating: 3+
I’m going to be perfectly honest; I’ve never been one for the dance floor. I tend to avoid dance games, especially at the arcades, due to embarrassment, and just dislike for the genre. So who better to give the task of checking out Dance! It’s Your Stage to? None other than me. Luckily, hidden away from civilization, I could bust a few moves without anyone seeing, but unfortunately this had to be done with controller in hand and a lack of a dance mat. This was a crash course.
Dance! Its Your Stage greeted me like any game would, the menu screen. It’s not the prettiest, best laid out interface I’ve ever used in a game, but it was something, and all the necessary options and extras were there, but salt was rubbing hard into the wounds as the fast dance music played away in the background that kind of beat driving me nuts after consistent listening. I had to get out fast.
The Character Customization is pretty neat, with many options for clothing and features in a variety of colours. They could have gone more in depth, but it’s up to scratch and adds a personal touch to your dancing alter-ego. Finally, with a career started, I jumped into my first session. Now, much of the enjoyment was taken away by the fact I had to use a controller. Simple flicks of the thumbsticks in various directions, in time with the beat, can unfortunately only entertain for so long before it becomes boring. With my animated instructor’s constant criticism, I found it hard to step up my game, with you having to hit every beat right to achieve the top scores. The career consists of a wide variety of songs, which seem to be specifically recorded for the game from a first listen. I’m no vocal coach, but the singers weren’t exactly hitting the right notes at times. Like most games, succeeding well on one track will unlock more, and a variety of venues accompany your personalised character and backing dancers, from airports to underground stations (the least likely places you’d be caught dancing), but these are hardly noticeable when trying to concentrate on the runway and getting every note right. The graphics are what you’d expect from a game that feels like it’s been pulled straight out of the arcades; not too shabby, but not the best. Your character strangely glows when you’re doing well in game, as if he’s been standing in radioactive acid for too long. I was hoping the soundtrack would consist of music that I knew, but what can you expect from an Xbox Live Arcade title? Not sure how I would go about dancing to Pendulum on a dance mat. Does the game fit the price tag? Just about. With a variety of tracks and venues, career and quick play modes, customization and average graphics, Dance! It’s Your Stage should just about entertain you for a fair few hours, but it is only worth buying if you have a dance mat, otherwise you just waste your time flicking your thumbs to mind numbing tunes. Maybe you won’t be strutting that ass or busting some moves, but you’ll soon be stretching your fingers.

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