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Review: Crysis 2

Release Date: March 8th 2011 Genre(s): First-Person Shooter Developer: Crytek Publisher: EA Games Rating: M (Mature), 16+

[Rating: 8.0/10](8)

Being somebody who has not played the first game (with it being a PC exclusive in all and the fact that my laptop just cannot take PC games without overheating like the sun), Crysis 2 was rather oblivious to me at first and I had no intentions on buying it… then I saw other reviews. I saw footage. I just had to see what I was about to miss… it’s a good job I did buy this game. This was well worth the money. Crysis 2 is set three years after the first game. You play as Alcatraz, and in 2023, New York has been overrun by a virus which was unleashed, but to make matters worse, the Cephaloids have begun invading New York (if you’ve played the first Crysis, you may remember the Cephaloids). Alcatraz is a Force Recon Marine, and it’s not long when the submarine he is on is destroyed by the Cephaloids. All of his crew dies, and Alcatraz makes it out alive. Barely. He is pulled from the wreckage by Prophet, an “Army Delta Force” officer, who you see is wearing the Nanosuit 2.0. A few hours later, Alcatraz wakes up wearing the Nanosuit 2.0, and watches a recording of Prophet, who was seen to have the virus. Prophet basically puts you in control of his mission (Yes. He puts a random stranger in such a dangerous suit), and then… he shoots himself in the head. It’s now up to Alcatraz to find Doctor Nathan Gould, who not long contacts you after Prophet’s video, avoid C.E.L.L. who are soldiers that are after your suit, and defeat the Cephaloids that stand in your way. The ending is… a confusing one, and the ending does prove you may have needed to play Crysis 1 to understand it, but no doubt some things may be explained in Crysis 3 if it’s made. You also don’t always connect with all the characters. And the plot is a little predictable at times, for example, it’s always the girl that is trying to save your life… You’ll see.

Yes, that is the Statue of Liberty....'s hand.

So in Crysis 2, there’s a couple of ways on how you can defeat and slip past your enemies. You can take them out just by shooting at them, however the problem with just doing that is that there are A LOT of enemies and you are just one person most of the time. When you think you have defeated all the enemies in the area, more suddenly arrive because of reinforcements. It’s like the enemies never end. However while you are shooting, you can use your armour ability. It doesn’t mean you are immune to take damage, only you take less damage than when you are not shielded. You can also take out your enemies with stealth, which allows you to turn invisible with your “Cloak”, which to me; I did a lot of the time. The problem with the campaign is that it feels like you have no choice but to cloak most of the time because of how many enemies there actually are, and sometimes when you were hidden around the corner out of sight, and you turned your cloak off, somehow my enemies STILL managed to see me. Bug perhaps? One thing that is interesting is bullets that can travel through objects. I don’t know how, or if it’s a bug or not, but either way it was rather interesting and annoying at the same time. Its good Crytek liked to add variety to FPS however. Later on in the game, when you fight Ceph, you pick up little specs called Nano Catalyst. These drop from Ceph every time you defeat one, and can vary from 20 Nano Catalyst to 5000 Nano Catalyst, depending on how big or small your enemy is. NC allows you to receive Nanosuit Upgrades, to help you progress through the campaign a little easier. Upgrades can vary from seeing your enemy’s footsteps, to slowing down how much power an ability uses. You can also use your UI hud which you can access through the D pad to find easier ways to slip pass your enemies or take them out. You can also use a thermal sweep to see where your enemies are. All of your enemies are surprising warm, even the Ceph which because they’re aliens, you’d expect them to be cold… Well they aren’t. There’s also collectables in the game too. Four types of them! I like collectables… Now the multiplayer. I’m going to say the exact same thing I said in my Medal of Honor review… “low levels are left struggling to reach a high level”, and why is that? Because all the high levels have the better weapons. So here’s how the multiplayer works. You gain overall levels, armour levels, stealth levels and power. Now personally, I don’t fully know if you get any other benefits from your armour, stealth and power levels, except dog tags. There are over 200 to college, however if you bought the limited edition version of Crysis 2, and redeem your code, you’ll receive all the dog tags from the first 5 levels, which are around 50. And for the multiple maps, I feel like Crytek have put in the work, but then they haven’t.

Like he can't see you around that corner, Alcatraz.

So there are 12 maps in multiplayer, which is fantastic. The more maps there are the better. However, is it me, or is every map just single player maps? You got to admit though, they are still nice maps. Depending on which map you play on will depend on the support bonuses you can obtain. So unlike games like Call of Duty, you cannot choose which Killstreak bonuses you can obtain. And you don’t obtain the bonuses just by getting kills. You have to pick up the dog tags your enemies drop, and yes it can get annoying when you are 1 dog tag away from getting that bonus, and then just before you pick it up, you die, meaning you lose all your dog tags you’ve raked up, but you do keep the bonus you obtained, and the dog tag you were about to pick up will still be there, for a limited time. And what’s more, unlike Call of Duty where you keep every Killstreak you’ve earned, for example, once you’ve used your Counter Spy Plane, you can still use your Spy Plane, Crysis 2 is different. You have three dog tags, which means you get the Maximum Radar bonus, and once you pick up two more dog tags, you can no longer activate the Maximum Radar if you have not yet used it, but it instead gets replaced with a 5 dog tag bonus. Understand? So Crysis 2 is good to a certain extent. The graphics are fantastic (except in the cut scenes), the single player is strong and difficult, but it feels like there’s only one way to go than multiple ways in the campaign. The multiplayer is addicting but annoying that high levels get all the best stuff. EA Games seem to have a habit in doing that. And it can matter at times if you have or have not played Crysis 2. Will I pick up Crysis 3 if it’s made? Yes. Will I be excited for it? Not exactly, but it’ll be something to play. Crysis 2 is still a great game to play and I am glad I bought it. I just wish EA would learn from their previous shooters.

The Good

  • The graphics are amazing
  • Surprisingly difficult on any difficulty
  • Some strong gameplay
  • It’s not always the same enemy over and over.
  • Lengthy enough campaigh.

The Bad

  • Why do high levels get the best stuff?
  • Story is easier to understand if you’ve played Crysis 1
  • Multiplayer maps are just the single player maps
  • You don’t always connect with the game
  • Frustrating at times
[Rating: 8.0/10](8)

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  • ShamanS08

    ??? First of all it is at least a 9, the patches will sort out the multiplayer, why would enemies be cold and what do you mean by “Why do high levels get the best stuff”??

    • Charlie Murray

      When you’re low level, you get basic and awful weapons. When you’re high level, you get the best and more powerful weapons.

      • ShamanS08

        Well I find that better and also you have all of the basic weapons…not the worst. I’m lvl 33 and I still use SCAR which is the first weapon you get most of the time.You didin’t sum up the fact that it is a game which is different to all or the movement of the player (assasin’s creed style ledge grabbing)

        • Charlie Murray

          I’m level 14 mate. I turned level 14 before I even wrote the review.

  • ShamanS08

    Ok also it is clear you didin’t spen any time playing the MP. the bonus stuff is completly wrong. When you pick up 7 dog tags and not use the 3 and 5 bonuses it doesn’t get replaced – you just have to use the better one FIRST and then you can use it….also I think the dog tags are awesome because it makes camping a less viable option and bnrings fights down to closer quaters.

    • Charlie Murray

      Look, I am not saying Crysis 2 is a bad game. You seem to think I do. It’s an enjoyable game. I just feel EA dont learn their lessons in multiplayer.

      • ShamanS08

        Sorry I just don’t agree with some of the points you are making.

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