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Review: Bulletstorm

Release Date: 22 February 2011 (US), 25 February 2011 (EU) Genre(s): First-Person Action Shooter Publisher(s): EA Games Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly Rating: M+ (Mature), 18+


It’s here. One of 2011’s most anticipated games… are you ready to Kill With Skill? Bulletstorm is a first-person action shooter filled with comedy, crudeness, blood and a damn load of swearing. Set in the 26th century, you meet Grayson Hunt, a space pirate, alongside his crew. He and his crew are on the run, as they have a huge bounty on their heads, all thanks to General Sarrano, who had them killing innocent civilians, whom they had thought were really murders, thieves etc. When Grayson spots Sarrano’s ship in the distance, he decides to attack it, knowing he could put his whole crew under jeopardy. He goes for it anyway, and doing so, manages to wreck his ship and Sarrano’s. Both ships crash land on Stygia, a baron wasteland where crazed people attack anything they see. Grayson’s crew manages to survive, but Ishi is losing his life… fast. The only way he can live is to obtain a piece of machinery that he is to be plugged into, knowingly turning him into an android. Grayson obtains the part, but obtains something else too, known as “The Leash”, a blue whip that combines with your DNA to allow you to creatively kill your opponents and be rewarded for it. Everyone of Grayson’s crew sadly dies, besides himself and Ishi, now turned into an android. Knowing that the planet will soon be their doom, they must find a woman named Trishka, and find a way off world, and hopefully kill Sarrano, for everything he has done. An understandable story, that takes a little while to get going. It is a little bit predictable here and there, but there are a few “oohs” and “ahhs” to be had. The plot is not mean’t to be taken seriously. A LOT of the game is not supposed to be taken seriously. I mean, you can slide up hill, for crying out loud!

That is one giant dinosaur. Is it even a dinosaur?

The whole game is based around killing with skill, where you need to kill your opponents as creatively as you can. The Leash combines with your DNA, and gives Grayson a points system. As Trishka states later on in the game, the points system would reward a person for killing creatively. Those who did were able to restock, allowing them to use new weapons and obtain upgrades. Those who didn’t… got nothing, and usually got themselves killed. There are well over 100 skill shots to obtain, so you will have lots of fun; you can be sure of that. Some examples of killing creatively (at the top of my head):
  • Headshot – You need to kill your enemy by shooting them in the head.
  • One Hit Wonder – Kill your enemy with one shot
  • Chain Reaction – You need to kill an enemy with something that would end up killing another enemy.
  • Rear Entry – Must I tell you? Fine. Kill an enemy by shooting them in the rear.
  • Mercy – Shoot your enemy in the… gentle parts, forcing them to drop to their knees. Then kick them in the face.
Of course skill shots aren’t the only attraction. You can also earn some really cool weapons, such as the “Flailgun”, which fires flails that can explode and can wrap around your enemy, the “Head Hunter”, a sniper gun where you can steer the bullet into your opponent, and the “Penetrator”, a gun which shoots drills at your enemies. There are a couple more, but I’ll leave you to experience those for yourself. Each weapons comes with their own skill shots, so be sure to get as many as you can on your first playthrough. Make sure you looks out for collectables too as there are lots to find!


Echoes mode uses the same environments as the single player, except you are trying to get the highest score on the leaderboards, whether you are just trying to beat your friends, or get as high as you can on the worldwide leaderboard. You can only pick weapons that would have been available at that stage of the chapter, so you wouldn’t get the “Head Hunter” in the first few maps, as it’s not available until later in the game. Anarchy is a multiplayer aspect where between 2-4 players aim for the target score between them. Anarchy comes with its own set of skillshots, and you can use the environment to obtain them, for example:
  • Not in Kansas – You need to throw an enemy into the tornado on the Dead Rock map.
A problem with Anarchy is that there’s only 6 maps. Yes, sure DLC is on its way, but 6 maps to start off with just isn’t enough for those who only have the money for the actual game, and not the DLC. The maps are pretty fun though, and have a variety of colours and mechanics you can mess about with. There are also skillshots where you work together to obtain them, such as:
  • Tug-O-War – Two or more players use the leash on one enemy to rip them to shreds.

Before you ask... we only got to Wave 4... my least great Anarchy match... (Yes. This image is an actual match of mine)

There are also challenges where the team must work together to kill them. That’s where things get frustrating, for example, you may be required to knock your enemy off the ledge, but two players accidentally use the leash and rips the enemy apart, therefore, the challenge is failed. Communication is incredible helpful, so all the players don’t accidentally do the same thing and fail the challenge. Another problem with anarchy is that it’s sometimes a nightmare to find a match. Sometimes I was left waiting for 10 minutes before a match was found. Lots of people were playing, it was just the servers being stupid. You are also limited at first on your weapons and upgrades, and as you progress in anarchy, you can get better upgrades. But once you start a new anarchy game, you lose all your upgrades (which is only fair). You do get little extras as you gain levels which allow you to customize your character. You won’t lose them though. Bulletstorm has received so much attention (Hi Fox News) and is undoubtedly something special. Like Borderlands? Like Gears of War? You’ll love this. With so many skillshots to be had, awesome weapons to try out, and so much swearing to hear, Bulletstorm will knock you down and boot you in the face.  


The Good

  • Lengthy enough
  • Tonnes of replay value
  • Epicly fun
  • Anarchy is fun with friends
  • Explosions look brilliant

The Bad

  • Anarchy has only 6 maps
  • Anarchy is a nightmare to find a match
  • Story takes a little while to kick in

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