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Review: Bonded Realities [XBLIG]

Release Date: Janurary 26th 2011 Genre(s): Role-Playing Game Developer: MikeVentron Type: Xbox Live Indie Game Rating: 7+


This game… it’s just so strange. Think of the strangest game you’ve played and double its strangeness. Out comes Bonded Realities.   Now first I must specify. The story is rather confusing to ge honest. (Sorry Mike) I will try my best to explain it to the best of my ability. The aspects of the game are quite similar to that of Nintendo’s Pokemon. You choose your gender of your character, and pick a name. The character you play is that of a nursery school child. You arrive at nursery and go to play with your friends in the sandbox. For some strange reason, you and your three friends all fall asleep. The character you named wakes up in a strange forest. Liam wakes up in the forest too, but ends up meeting the king of the land, and you, when you play as Liam (as you play as multiple characters), have to help the King get back to his kingdom when he is split up from the guards. You meet up with your other friends too. As mentioned, the gameplay is rather similar to Pokemon. You enter out into the world, but instead of an enemy appearing in tall grass, an enemy can appear at any time. The enemies you encounter are so wacky that they’re awesome, for example, a Red-Black Tree…! The combat system is rather dainty. If you wanted to, you could just speed through the combat system and just use an item that can replenish health when you are low. One thing I did find is that you can’t run from an enemy as you easily can in Pokemon. It’s usually when you are around the level 20’s when you start not being able to run easily in Pokemon. In Bonded Realities, it’s as early as the first five levels. Another thing that got me about the combat system is that you can’t see your enemies health bar at all, so you just have to presume how much health your enemy has. You can see your own, just not your enemies health. As you level up, you recieve more health and better abilties to use.

I know what you're thinking... OK. No I don't. Pretty cool though, huh?


The graphics are rather… interesting. Everything has been coloured and drawn, and looks like a game you would play in the 90’s, but in slight HD. Personaly, I cannot decide whether that is a good thing or not. The game could have been lots better, and the story could be a lot more clearer, but if you’re looking for a substitute to Pokemon (Pokemon Black and White has recently released), then this might be a game to consider.


The Good

  • Is like Pokemon
  • Has a sense of humor

The Average

  • Graphics are… fair
  • The game is so strange!

The Bad

  • Combat is way off
  • Story could be a lot better

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