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Published on October 10th, 2010 | by Charlie


Review: Blade Kitten

Release Date: 22 September 2010 Genre(s): Action Publisher(s): Xbox Live Arcade Developer: Twisted Pixel Games Rating: Teen [Rating:5/10] So Blade Kitten…. Blade Kitten……….. Blade Kitten……………. So let’s just get to the point, the game is based on the comic hardly any guy knows about. Blade Kitten is a 2.5D arcade game, and it’s set three years before the actual comics. On the planet known as Hollow Wish, the main protagonist, known as Kit, is trying to capture Terra-Li, one of the antagonists. Whilst doing so, she bumps into Justice Kreel (whoever she is) and she steals Kit’s breaker key, which has vital information she needs to find Terra-Li. Now Kit is travelling through the planet, trying to get it back for half of the game, but at the same time, she is uncovering a dark secret that people are being taken on the streets and are being put in a prison. However, some are happy about it, and some know it’s not a good thing (well obviously).

If you are not a fan of the comics, you won’t have a clue what the hell is going on, just like I did. Oh and something I must mention, Kit get’s a so-called cute companion with her a little of the way through… who knew? The story just looked too cute for my liking and it was just all over the place. Suddenly these characters came on the screen, and most people would be like: Who are these people? The story is all over the place really, and no doubt this game is for those who have read the comics, so if otherwise, stay away. The gameplay was basically a nightmare. The game is a sidescroller platformer game, where you make it through the levels hacking and slashing your enemies. If you lose health, you see Kit’s face in the top left corner, and the more health you lose, the more “sad” she gets. Silly, right? Wait for it. As well as fighting enemies, you also pick up tokens to help get upgrades that you can’t really seem to obtain until a third of the way through. They come in all types, from 10 points, to 100 points, to even 5000 points if you find bonus chests. Near the beginning of the game, you also meet a little creature known as Skiffy, who looks like a Pokemon gone wrong. In areas you can’t reach, (remember this is a 2.5D game) Skiffy can reach some extra tokens. The upgrades you get from the tokens don’t really help though, as no matter what upgrades I got, I didn’t feel any more powerful. The upgrades can be, somewhat helpful, as there are some upgrade achievements- scrap that- they are more collectable achievements saying that; collecting three types of swords and some revolting dresses for Kit to wear. I suppose there were a few highlights of the game. There was a great sub-boss (I say that as it wasn’t a boss, but it felt like one) where it will fly in the air and shoot green balls at you (it’s a little more fun than it sounds) and there is one big boss where you’re basically running for your life for most of it. The music, however, can get really annoying, and the controls are so difficult, as when I was near a flame when climbing up a wall, when I stopped, my character kept moving a few inches making Kit get hit by the flames, which got very annoying. I also kept getting stuck on a level when I was trying to jump off a ledge, and instead I felt to the bottom of the level, forcing me to climb all the way back up again. This happened about six times. Overall, Atari should never have touched this game as this is not for everybody. You really need to have known the comics to really understand the game; and the game is even set before the comics: what’s up with that? The gameplay is awful and difficult to fully control, the enemies are a little decent, there’s no point in the upgrades when you don’t feel any more powerful, and everything just felt too cute! If you are looking for a break from all those shooters and role playing games, this is not for you. Stick to Sonic as the main 2.5D game.

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