Published on December 8th, 2010 | by Ben Gray


Review: Big Thrills (Trials HD)

Release Date: 1st December 2010 Genre(s): Racing, Puzzle Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studios Developer: RedLynx Rating: Teen


Trials HD has many names. Some know it as one of the greatest Xbox Live Arcade games of our time. Others may know it as that game made by RedLynx. The rest of us call it the most frustratingly addictive game ever, and after a hundred attempts on one track, you’ll see why. The game is very challenging, but very fun, and is still constantly obtaining new players every day since its release back in 2009. The second helping of DLC, entitled Big Thrills, will have you rejoicing and screaming at your television in a mixture of excitement and anger, as you attempt some of the most wonderfully crafted, extremely difficult tracks there are to offer. So how did I fare with it? Well, for starters, this content is adding in an extra 40 tracks on top of the many creations that are already in the game and from past DLC. What makes the content differ slightly this time around is that ten of these tracks have been crafted by the community as part of a competition with some hefty cash prizes, and there work will be yours to play in this add-on. Honestly, it was hard to tell the difference between tracks made by the professionals at RedLynx and the community members, and the substantial amount of time and dedication put into these maps by certain individuals using only the map editor is amazing. Considering many physics, camera angles and other small additions that make a significant difference to gameplay, I don’t think I could ever take that much time to create something this cool and I think these people should be praised. They probably don’t care, because they’re rolling in fame now. So, what do I make of the new tracks? Well, as mentioned earlier, a challenge indeed. The tracks are tailored to their difficulty, with additions being made to the Medium, Hard and (for those that have the brainpower to resist throwing their TV out the window) Extreme difficulties. These maps are aesthetically astonishing; the sheer amount of detail put into both scenery and track on these tracks make you appreciate the mechanics behind getting every spring pad, lever and timed event to work, and you will probably only appreciate this as much if you have attempted yourself to create a track in the Editor or are an avid map maker all round. The only criticism I can make is that all these maps can near, or close to be recreated for free in the Track Editor already in the game, but if you have the time to recreate every single one – go for it. Otherwise just buy it, you’ll at least get to play it in your lifetime. But be warned, these tracks can make you frustrated very quickly from the first new addition on hard difficulty onwards. Precision is a key factor in Trials HD and this new content is no exception; you will likely have to return to the last checkpoint many times on your first run through the tracks, as I experienced myself, having to stop and take deep breaths before continuing, otherwise physical damage to objects may have occurred. The game will have you attempting jumps and small movements of your bike to advance and getting it right first time is a tense struggle. Saying that RedLynx should tune down the difficulty would be ridiculous – as the difficulty level is clearly stated, and when they say hard, they mean hard! The three new achievements will also have you cowering for mercy (and gamerscore). This pack will be enjoyed by those who loved Trials HD. A certain level of skill at the game is required to stay sane throughout, but I think these new additions at a good value price is enough to have you reattempting tracks countless times to get that proud top spot on the leaderboards. This pack won’t bring back anyone who may have suffered mentally from playing the game. Just keep that in mind.

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  • I have downloaded this DLC, its a great addition and has made come back to game again. Yes frustrating but its so addictive!

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