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Review: Beyond Good and Evil HD

Release Date: March 2nd 2011 Genre(s): Third-Person Action Adventure Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Rating: T (Teen),  7+


Beyond Good and Evil was released all the way back in 2003 on the Xbox, PC, PS2 and Gamecube. Sadly, it did not sell well, but a sequel was still announced. Beyond Good and Evil HD is like a second chance for the game, hoping to slightly boost the fan base ready for its sequel. Now personally, I never played this when it first came out, so it was a totally new experience to me. Set in the year 2435 on the planet known as Hillys, you first meet Jade, a woman who usually dresses in green (get it? Jade?). She looks after orphans, whose parents were killed by the DomZ. Jade is also in charge of bringing up the shield to protect the area from the DomZ. But she is out of money, so the shield can not go up, meaning Hillys is free to being attacked. When it is attacked, the DomZ attack Jade and speaks to her in a weird way. That’s where Pey’j comes in, an anthropomorphic pig, who comes in and saves her. Once the DomZ is destroyed, Jade is in a bad situation. She is out of money and wonders how long she’ll be able to protect the orphans for. She then learns about a job of being a photographer, and taking photos of the creatures of the planets before they suddenly may be wiped out by the DomZ. She is then asked to undergo some missions from the IRIS network, as they believe that the Alpha Sections are working with the DomZ, and ask Jade to find out the truth. The story is rather confusing to understand at first, and the ending will certainly confuse you, but as you think the story through, you’ll get it in the end. Nowadays, stories are usually a lot more complex, so it’s good that we’ve gone back to a time where stories made a little more sense.

So much drama!

The game is free roam (Ubisoft is usually known for it’s free-roam games) and you travel around using your Hovercraft. The way your defeat your enemies is by using your staff. The way you make money is by taking pictures of animals found all over Hillys. As you progress through the game, you pick up Pearls, which help you receive upgrade for your Hovercraft. Before you think you can avoid these upgrades, every one of them is crucial in some aspect. When you lose health, you need to use food to regain it again (it does not automatically replenish itself. Sorry). The two types of food you use are a “Starkos”, which replenishes 1 heart, and “K-Bups”, which replenish all your health. Hidden around Hillys are PA-1’s, which increase your total health by one, and usually replenishing all lost health at the time of finding a PA-1, so if you are on one heart of health and no food, you better hope there is a PA-1 around the corner. There are quite a few boss fights, and no doubt there will be some which will make you want to destroy your controller. In order to get to those bosses, you have to make your way through a series of puzzles, which could take you up to 15 minutes on what to do next, so you really need to be patient with the game. I did also encounter a couple of bugs. Sometimes I got stuck in a wall for a few seconds, or it would look as if I was glued to the floor before I could start moving again. There was also a huge lack in fighting abilities. All you could really do is press X to fight, and then hold X for a charged attack.

What strange creatures!

But fighting isn’t the only thing you can do around Hillys. You can play a game known as Pallets, which requires getting all your Pallets, and any Pallets that come to your side, on your opponent’s side of the board. You can also play the game where you guess where the ball is after the coconuts are mixed up, take part in races, chase down looters who take money from you and so forth. The graphics are rather nice too compared to the 2003 port, but they don’t look hugely different (I compared the two, before you ask about me not playing the 2003 port). There’s something for everybody! Beyond Good and Evil is a satisfying game that’ll keep you occupied for a good 10 hours. Though with a few bugs, and a few other hiccups, it’s certainly a game you need to play if you’ve got the time. Hopefully, the sequel should be a HUGE improvement, since it’s been over 7 years since the first game, and some of Ubisoft’s recent work has been brilliant.


The Good

  • A lot that can be done
  • Some interesting boss fights
  • Interesting story
  • Gives those who never played it another chance
  • It’s Ubisoft!

The Bad

  • A few bugs
  • Lack of abilities
  • Frustrating in places
Don’t forget to check out my video playthrough of the game. Check out the first part below:  

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    at the end of the game, can you free roam once you have completed the last mission?

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