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Review: Alien Breed 3: Descent

Release Date: 17 November 2010 Genre(s): Isometric Shooter Publisher(s): Team 17 Developer: Team 17 Type: Arcade Rating: T (Teen), 16+

  Alien Breed is back with its third helping of alien gooodness- See what I did there?  The story of Alien Breed is that a ship had crashed into yours, and pouring out from it are strange but threatening alien creatures. Conrad ventures into the ship to try and get the engines running again so that the alien ship is pushed off their ship, but Alien Breed 2: Assault ended when the captain of the ship that crashed into yours had turned into Mia, and taken over her.  So the story is, as before, simple to understand, which is a good thing as some games are getting a little complicated, and sometimes mind blowing nower days. There is one huge criticism about this game. It’s exactly the same game as before, except with more orangey red colours in the menu rather than green, or indeed blue. Which means that the features are exactly the same; the achievements (almost anyway), the gameplay, the aliens- everything. But for those who do not understand the concept of Alien Breed, it’s an isometric shooter, which in a nutshell, means you play as your character from above him. As you explore the levels, you get a bird’s eye view of everything below you, which allows you to see items that you may not otherwise find as easily in first or third person mode, and allows you to see enemies coming from all directions. But, like previously, it can be a little difficult to get used to the view perspective.  Like in the previous game, what I do find interesting is when aliens can appear from anywhere, and they may be hidden in the shadows, and when they appear out of nowhere, it gives you a mini scare. It’s still a little annoying that Team 17 didn’t learn from the previous two games, as I would have liked to have listened to dialogue throughout the game and not have to read it all, as half the time, you barely even notice that a character is talking, so you don’t get the full story all the time. 

Pew! Pew! Oh. This isn't Red Dead...

However, like the previous games, the campaign isn’t short. Each level is quite lengthy, so you can get a good hour or more out of a single level, which I applaud Team 17 on in trying to keep their audience submersed. Again, like the previous game (and I realise I’m saying this a lot, as it’s just basically the same game), I never got to try the multiplayer as there are never any players online, which is hugely annoying as I would love to see what that would be like. Again, what is nice is that at the beginning of the game, it gives you a previously, so it helps to jog your memory on what happened in the previous game(s). The sound is still as tense as previous incarnations, where you hear sounds coming from all directions, so it gives that fear effect, and the quality of the game is stunning when you have a big 40″ HD television like mine.  It is massively disappointing that this is just the same game I played all the back in September, but in reality, Alien Breed isn’t a bad game series. It’s certainly not the best, but you do feel submersed when you’re playing. The boss fights are very interesting though, as some of them may require skill, depending on what difficulty you are playing in. If Alien Breed 4 was going to be made, (by the ending of AB3, I doubt that it will be made) I would really want Team 17 to learn from the mistakes as last time. Team 17, you need to make the changes, add more sound dialogue (if Hydrophobia can do it, so can you), and make Alien Breed 4 a whole new game if you have to. Don’t give us what we’ve already played before. —————————————————————————————————————————————— Score: [Rating:7.5/10]

+ Great atmosphere

+ Easy story

– Lack of sound dialogue puts you off

– Its the same game as before

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  • Cuntshitfuck

    TEAM 17 seem to have lost the plot. Who else takes a great game and then manages to really f it up? I mean I still have my old amiga and I still enjoy classics like alien breed, turrican 2, gods etc but when i heard they were re-releasing alien breed i got a fatter agnus.
    BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Team 17 added graphics, and subtracted game play, and what is with the ridiculous camera control? I fought more with that than the aliens.
    When are some coders going to realise gameplay=sales, rather than releasing push-up-bra type games where by you get them home and they’re a lot more ugly than you thought.
    Team 17 hang your head in shame you corporate w@ankers and stop trying to ride the success of your more talented predecessors,

    How can the version on the amiga with only ONE MEGABYTE OF MEMORY be more fun than this???

    Uber fail.

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