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Published on October 19th, 2010 | by Charlie


Review: Alien Breed 2: Assault

Release Date: 22 September 2010 Genre(s): Isometric Shooter Publisher(s): Xbox Live Arcade Developer: Team17 Rating: Teen [Rating:7.5/10] If you are a reader in your 30’s, you may just remember the Alien Breed games. But if not, never fear! The remakes are here! The first game in the remake was released under a year ago (they don’t call it a remake, but it could just well be) and it’s an isometric shooter, which if you do not know what they are, it is where you are playing as your character from a birds eye view. You portray Theodore J. Conrad, and in the previous game (which you are given a previously, so if you haven’t played Alien Breed Evolution, you’ll just be able to keep up with what’s going on) the ship, known as Leopold, crashed into a ghost ship, and spilling out of the ship, came hundreds of alien creatures, which devoured the staff on Leopold. In this game, a few staff remain, and it is your job to venture onto the ship and turn on the engines to move the alien craft away from Leopold before both ships become a ghost ship. A basic story if I do say so, something many people will understand. I applaud Team17 in the previously section, even if it is shown in comic book strips, as it helps those who didn’t play the first game to know what is going on. So with the game being Isometric, like the previous game, you have a birds eye view of everything. Swarms of aliens can come from any direction, which is annoying when you’re shooting down a really tough enemy, but thats the whole concept of Alien Breed, where swarms can attack from anywhere. What wasgreat was the ability to rotate the camera so you can navigate the area easily, as sometimes you can’t see what is on your way until you rotate the camera. Sometimes you forget to do so, but that’s your fault, not Team17’s. The game didn’t feel short for an arcade game. You get 5 levels, and just the first level alone took me well over an hour to complete, so you definitly get your moneys worth in the length of the game. The game did feel a bit repetitive though, as for most of the game, you were just running around, turning off power, then turning it on, killing enemies, doing something else for an objective and so on. However, despite the difficulty your enemies can be, that really didn’t matter as the aliens you face were the main challenge, which helped carry the game through. I’m glad that Team17 had an upgrade system, which allowed you to purchase upgrades for your weapons, and restock on ammo and health kits. Without them, I don’t know what I would have done. The sound is brilliant, as it helps to keep the atmosphere balanced. However, the downside was the dialogue, as you never heard anybody talk in the gameplay, it was just text, and nobody likes to do a tonne of reading when playing a game. The visuals There was, however, dialogue in the cutscenes. The visuals and detail in the game was impressive, as you don’t see much detail in arcade games now. There were a couple of frame issues, but those soon cleared up. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to play multiplayer due to the lack of players. Alien Breed 2 is definitly worth its money, with hours of fun and some tough challenges. The story is simple and basic enough and helps those who didn’t play the first game to understand what’s going on. The lack of dialogue was the main issue though and it just felt like there was too much reading, which made me feel tired most of the time.

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