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Review: A World of Keflings

Release Date: 22 December 2010 Genre(s): Isometric City-Builder Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studios Developer: NinjaBee Rating: E (Everyone), 7+


The sequel to “A Kingdom of Keflings” is here. Does it matter if you’ve played it to play this? Of course not. But is A World of Keflings worth a play? Of course!

If you’ve not played A Kingdom of Keflings, like me, then A World of Keflings may feel quite different to most games you shooters (such as all those shooters, RPG’s etc). You play as your own avatar, so if you want your avatar to look good in the game, customize it as best as you can. Your avatar mysteriously breaks out of a block of ice, found by small creatures known as Keflings. They realise you are a nice person (and if you’re a meanie in real life, then you can make up for it later) and ask you to build. As you progress through the story, you meet royalty, who ask you to build a castle for them. The entire game leads up to that castle build, plus something secret that you will learn about soon enough.

If you concentrated long enough, the entire game could last around 7 hours, which is pretty lengthy for an arcade game. If you get sidetracked, it could take you about 9 hours to complete. However, once you have completed the game, you can carry on building, but the problem with that is that you have one of each building, so unless you want to build more buildings for the achievement, there’s really no point to carry on at end game. A few small missions here and there would have been great at end-game. The Keflings don’t really speak either. It’s more mumbling than speaking, with a speech bubble above them telling you what they are saying, so if you don’t enjoy reading games, then this may annoy you a bit.

*Kef* *Kef*

So if you’ve played the PC game Minecraft, you may enjoy A World of Keflings. In order to build materials for buildings, you need to find the resources, such as rock, wood, wool, glass, plus many other resources. There are many buildings to build, but some require specific buildings to get the certain materials needed. For example, you may need a building to turn wool into cloth. Other buildings may also require purple items, green items, orange items and so forth, which can only be found in a particular building (count the amount of times the word “building” may come up). You can either obtain the resources yourself, which if so, scrap that 7 hours playtime, and switch it with 15 hours, or use the Keflings. You can indicate a certain Kefling to dig for a certain resource and take it to a certain building. As they work, they can level up, and as they do that, they can move faster and carry more of a resource you have indicated to them. Of course, you need to actually have Keflings to help you out, so you need to gain more, which can be done so by building small houses and giving them some “Love”, which are heart shaped items. The fact that Keflings can help you build is great, as it would annoy the hell our of you if you had to get every bit of resource on your own. However, this can come a little frustrating at times, as you really need to sort out your Keflings accordingly, as even though they wear hats to tell you what they do, your Keflings may be all over the place, and you may not remember which Kefling takes what item where, meaning it could slightly sabotage your storage in buildings. However, if you do accidentally sent resources to the wrong area, you are allowed to transfer 25 of a resource at once to another building.

But there isn’t just one area you can explore. There are 3 kingdoms for you to roam; Forest, Ice and Desert. Each has their own certain materials to obtain. The story will take you into each 3 kingdoms, and possibly will lead you to return to one, but the Forest kingdom is the main one you will venture in. What is also helpful is that throughout the game, you meet 5 brothers, which saves you a tad more time, as when recources are being turned into materials, they can bring it to your location for you to build your building. I did encounter a few achievement glitches, as an achievement requires you to meet all of the brothers (there are 5 in total). I have met all 5, and the achievement has not popped up for me. Unless there is something I am missing, I should have obtained it.

We All... Stand.... Togetherrrrrr

A few more notable things that shoudl be told. You can also play with friends and enter their kingdoms and they can enter yours and help you build. As part of Games for the Holidays, the game allows you to connect each game with each other slightly (the other two games being Raskulls and ilomilo). For example, if you have played Raskulls, you can bring two of the Raskulls characters into the World of Keflings, by building a home for them. Of course, if you buy A World of Keflings, you can also buy Raskulls (released 29 December) and/or ilomilo (released 5 January 2011) early for 800MSP each. Of course, if you don’t have that kind of money yet, you can still download the demo’s of each game for free.

Overall, A World of Keflings is a fun and cute game that can get very addicting, as I just couldn’t stop playing until end-game. It has some great visuals, gives you many laughs, and a nice sweet surprise at the end (once you have built it of course). The only thing the game lacks is end-game material, and of course, A World of Keflings can get a little too addicting at times, so I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.


Score: [Rating:8.5/10]

+ Great for the family

+ You’ll like it if you love Minecraft

+ Addicting

– A little too addicting

– Lacks end-game material

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