Published on January 7th, 2012 | by Cryss


Price Of Amy Under Debate

Amy will debut on Xbox Live this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft Points. On the PlayStation Network, it will be released for $12.99 on Tuesday, meaning that PlayStation users would have to pay more for the survival horror game. The games publisher, Lexis Numérique, has stated this is due to the conversion of Euro’s into the US Dollar compared to the conversion of Microsofts points. This is explained by the cost of points in Europe where 800 MSP cost around 13 Euro’s, evening the price. Whilst this works for Europe, it creates disparity in America. The CEO has put a poll on Facebook for if it stays at it’s current price and launches on January 10th for PSN users, or the price is cut to $9.99 but the game gets a postponed release date. So far postponing the release is winning, showcasing that users, in times of money trouble, would rather wait than pay the extra. For us here in the UK the price of Amy is set at £7.99 or €9.99 for those who operate under the Euro, and will be released January 11th, with the cost on Xbox staying at a flat 800 MSP.

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