Published on September 25th, 2010 | by Charlie


Potential Halo: Reach DLC Coming Soon

Yesterday, Bungie created a post telling players that it may be wise to install Halo: Reach into their HDD for better gameplay, but it seems that’s not all they did.

In one of the many pictures, in the weekly update section known as “What A Load”, you can see in the image of the choice to Play the Game, go to downloads, or Install the Game. To the right is an achievement thumbnail, and at the same time, the achievements read 0/1250G and 0/59 achievements, meaning for whatever build of the game the screenshot was taken on, 250G was added and 10 new achievements too. If you wish to go to the original post, then click here. Most likely the DLC, if any, will be of Multiplayer kind, but we shall see when the time comes. Halo: Reach was released September 14th and has earned well over a record breaking $200 million from sales.

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