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PlayStation Vita “First Edition” Available For Pre-order

For our friends overseas, Sony has announced that devoted Vita fanatics can get early access to the PlayStation Vita. The first edition Bundle launches on February 15th, a week before anyone else will have access to the console. The bundle will be pre-sold at selected retailers beginning now. The U.S bundle will include the 3G + Wifi Vita, an exclusive case, 4GB Vita memory card and “Little Deviants” game at a price of $349.99. Canada’s bundle differs only in the fact the console supports Wi-Fi only dropping the bundle price to £299.99. “Little Deviants” is a game based around utalising the consoles new functionality, taking adventures through the use of the Six-Axis motion control alongside the front and rear touch screens, the cameras built into the device and even the microphone. The game also sports “Augmented Reality” moving the console around the room to take shots and dodge projectiles (which sounds a little like Face Raiders). So with this in mind, who is going to upgrade their pre-order to the First Edition?

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