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Oozi: Earth Adventure Review – Old School Precision Platforming

Oozi: Earth Adventure Review – Old School Precision Platforming Cryss
Retro Feel

Summary: Can retro platforming hold it's own in a generation of dynamic run and jump gameplay?


Will a new Platforming hero rise?

It’s often the case that smaller titles are overlooked in a world of triple A blockbusters, Steam’s new Greenlight campaign opens the opportunity for these less recognised games to find a home within their digital store. Thus we were given a chance to review Oozi: Earth Adventure, a side scrolling platformer vying for a coveted place in Valve’s library. Our hero, Oozi has crash landed on a foreign planet (Earth), in the ensuing aftermath he’s lost track of his suit and spaceship. It’s a simple premise that establishes your quest through various jungles, lava toting caverns and dark laboratories. The platforming is incredibly simple at first, but branches out as you regain parts of your suit, unlocking latent abilities like the double jump. This adventure harks back to Platforming of old, relying on staple death drops, kinetic platforms and a fiendish collection of enemies that will delay your progress. Hedgehogs are undefeatable, snails move at lightning speeds and bees are outfitted in the latest Viking garb, it’s certainly an open interpretation of the world we know. It’s a testament to the power of precision and patience, over the frantic run and jump gameplay we’d expect from something like Rayman. Spread across 20 levels, the game isn’t a fantastically taxing affair but there’s more to be found in the Arcade and Challenge modes. Arcade introduces a speed run to the campaign, encouraging you to collect those stars. Those with gluttony for punishment can try out challenge mode, a set of levels designed to put your skills to the test, eliminating enemies, avoiding damage or collecting all the stars within a level. It’s a welcome addition that helps extend the life of the game beyond its relatively short campaign. Oozi 2 Hand drawn visuals wonderfully sculpt the world around you and the simple animations have this almost retro feel about them. However Oozi is so limited in design that it’s difficult to imagine him becoming a mascot, regardless of how cheesy his grin may be. The audio track is simplistic, but complements the stages well. It can be a little repetitive when your progress on a level is stalled, although it’s almost certain that your mind will be focused on the labyrinth of platforming ahead. You’re presented the option to play with an Xbox 360 controller or the mouse and keyboard, a welcome addition depending on preference. There’s a lot of simple when we’re talking about Oozi: Earth Adventure, heralding a return to old school 2D platforming, but with lush visuals and a flair for flinging me to my demise, I had to beat each level and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Support Oozi on Greenlight, here!.

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