Published on June 25th, 2011 | by Layne Smalley


OnLive Viewer App released for HTC Flyer / Most Android Devices – OnLive Player App coming soon?

On Friday, June 24th 2011, HTC released a not-so-minor update for their tablet, the HTC Flyer, which included the promised OnLive Viewer app. The Apple iPad has had the OnLive Viewer app for a while, although one of the billboard features of the Flyer was OnLive support. So you are probably asking, “How does this affect me, a non-Flyer owner?” Well, the app can be run on most Android devices, and hackers are close to modding the app so it does more than just view games – It will be able to play them. Imagine, being able to play a game like Homefront or even newly released Duke Nukem Forever on your mobile phone. Darksiders or Borderlands on your tablet. With the upcoming mobile gaming revolution, I have but one question to ask – Are you ready?   About OnLive
OnLive is a cloud based gaming service started in 2010 by Steve Perlman. It provides high end games to entry-level PCs, Macs, and on their own OnLive microconsole which you can connect to your HDTV.

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