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Nintendo 3DS Conference Announcements

As many of you may know, Nintendo held a conference today concerning the 3DS and many announcements were made. Here’s a brief rundown of everything that was announced:
  • New Skyward Sword footage.
  • Skyward Sword to be 50-100 hours long.
  • Will include video hint system, like Ocarina of time 3DS.
  • Second play-through and boss challenges.
  • Four Swords coming as free DL on September 28th, both for 3DS and DSi.
  • Skyward Sword coming to Japan November 23.
  • Fortune Street on December 1 in Japan.
  • Poke Park 2 in the works.
  • Nintendo announces pink 3DS for October 20.
  • Super Mario 3D Land  to be released on November 3 in Japan.
  • Mario Kart to be released in December 7 in Japan.
  • New Mario Tennis game announced for the 3DS.
  • Paper Mario still coming 2012.
  • Animal Crossing announced for 3DS, coming 2012.
  • Girls Mode game announced.
  • Soccer/football game announced for the 3DS.
  • RPG card game called Culdcept announced for 3DS.
  • Fire Emblem announced for 3DS.
  • Omega Force, a 4-player battle game, announced for 3DS.
  • Bravely Default Flying Fairy from Square Enix, announced for 3DS.
  • Gundam Generations 3D coming December 22 to Japan.
  • Dragon Quest 3 coming November 2 in Japan
  • Kid Icarus coming in January to Japan.
  • Monster Hunter 3D coming coming December 10 to Japan.
  • 3DS eShop channel revamp.
  • Street Pass update.
  • Monster Hunter 4 briefly shown.
  • 3DS Slide Pad will be coming to Japan December 10.
  •  Will cost 1500 yen. (about $20).
So, what are you excited for?

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