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Published on January 6th, 2012 | by Cryss


Ninja Theory Receives Death Threats

It’s no joke that I hate the look of “New” Dante. It’s a combination of the fact they took one of the icons of my gaming youth and turned him into some twilight wannabe who looks interestingly like Tameem Antoniades from Ninja Theory.

But I’m also one of the sane people who doesn’t have time to write death threats. Boy are you Devil May Cry fans. Creative Tameem spoke to OXM and noted that his team were willing to take the brunt for the character looking like himself and that angry fans had sent death threats via comic books, as well as death metal songs devoted to their hatred of the character. So are you a massive Dante fan? Will you be buying Ninja Theory’s latest addition to the Devil May Cry story or will you be going for the HD collection instead? Or both?

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  • No, I hope nobody buys that sh*t. I can’t believe they did this to the bad-ass known as Dante!

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