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Next Playstation Codenamed “Orbis”, Released Holiday 2013?

Here come the rumors again, and this time, its onto the next Playstation. Despite the PS3 being in the middle of it’s supposed 10 year life, rumors have already come about that the next Playstation will be codenamed “Orbis” and will target for a Holiday 2013 release. Where did this come from? Kotaku of course! The console is rumored to use an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU. According to Kotaku, developer kits of the new console were sent out around the beginning of the year, around the time of GDC. Orbis also will not be backwards compatible, so if you want to play your PS3 games on the Orbis… well you can’t. What’s more depressing is that apparently, each Blu-Ray disc will be locked to a PSN account, meaning you won’t be able to trade your game on if you didn’t enjoy it. The other way Sony plans to beat used games is through digital download (much like the Vita where you can buy retail games through the PS Store). If all of this is true, then personally, I don’t think many Sony gamers will be pleased. For example, what if I bought a game, had a brother who had his own PSN account on my “Orbis”, and then he wanted to play the very game that was locked to my account… he would then have to buy his own copy. So much for sharing. Read Kotaku’s article here. Also, go here that links you to a mystery address that has Orbis in it’s URL. It links to the SCE developer page. The console is rumored to be released Holiday 2013.

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