Published on April 23rd, 2012 | by Charlie


Next Call of Duty Revealed 1st May

It’s official that this will be another game set in the same universe as “World at War” and “Black Ops”, but will it be given a new title, like the rumored “Eclipse” title, or will it indeed be called “Black Ops 2”? Only the 1st May will tell… If you head over to, you’ll notice a timer counting in seconds to the May 1 reveal. What you might also notice is that the Call of Duty title also has had a “slight” change, so slight you might not notice it the first time around. Whether it means something might just be an over exaggeration. The game is rumored to be titled “Eclipse”, due to the word appearing on Gamestop banners in America, but this could just possibly mean it will be released on November 13th, when a solar eclipse is expected to happen… or both? For now, you got just over a week to wait. Excited, or are you drowned by Call of Duty that you couldn’t give a damn? Sadly, I will buy it purely because I can’t stop playing a story I’ve been following, but I probably won’t buy it right away… that is unless they change everything about the franchise.

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