Published on February 14th, 2012 | by Charlie


New PS Vita Details Revealed

Earlier today, Playstation had a Q&A live stream with questions that were tweeted to them over the weekend. Everybody who got their question answered got a copy of Resistance: Burning Skies, which was, on the live stream, revealed to be coming out on May 29th 2012. Other details that were newly revealed is that of the game which users of the Wi-Fi/3G model who sign up to AT&T (in the United States that is) would receive, and that game is Super Stardust Delta, a game set to be released on the PSN store on launch day (if you didn’t already know – and this has been announced for a while – those who sign up to Vodaphone in Europe will receive Wipeout 2048). Other questions that were answered was that of similar games, such as “if you had Rayman Origins on the PS3 and Rayman Origins on the Vita, would you get the same trophy in sync with the opposite version”, to which the answer was that you would have to get the trophies on separate playthroughs. If you wish to watch this live stream, which includes other questions being answered and a never before seen PS Vita advert, then just go here.

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