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Published on October 27th, 2010 | by Charlie


New Medal of Honor MP Modes To Hit Next Week

Two brand new modes are to arrive next week for Medal of Honor to expand the multiplayer experience. The first mode, known as “King of the Hill” will see players in teams trying to dominate a location on a map, and the team that holds the location the longest will win. The new mode also includes some brand new maps, (mode exclusive) known as “Hindukush Pass” and “Korengal Outpost”, as well as redesigned versions of “Shahikot Valley” and “Helmand Valley”. But don’t expect this as a patch, as this is in a form of a DLC, and will cost you a whopping 800 MSP! However, the second mode, which will be free, is known as “Clean Sweep”, which is an elimination mode where players will rely on their own skill and teammates’ expertise to prove victorious. The mode will add more maps, known as “Bagram Hangar” and “Khyber Caves”, as well as two more redesigned maps of “Diwagal Camp” and “Kabul City Ruins”. All this will arrive on November 2nd.

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