Published on November 2nd, 2010 | by David-John


New Crackdown 2 DLC details emerge

The new DLC to be released for Crackdown 2 is called Deluge and will be released on November 16th.  Like the Toy Box DLC there will be a free version and a paid version which will set you back 560MSP but for that you get new Achievements and 2 new avatar awards
  • Red Agency Suit
  • A Helmet
Deluge adds a new co-op mode kinda like horde mode.  You and 3 other friends will team up to take on waves and waves of “Freaks” and continues to get more difficulty as you process throughout the mode. And if that wasn’t enough another mode will be coming out also called “Capture the orb” which will be crackdown 2 own take on of Capture the flag except with orbs and will allow up to 16 players and you can access it with both the free version and paid. The DLC will include updates to vehicles and weapons, but details of which have yet to be announced.

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