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Nave360’s Top Games at E3

E3 is the one thing every gamer looks out for each year, as it announced so much, such as new platforms, new games and so forth. We at Nave360 are all excited for E3 2011, so here is our top 3 or 5 things on what we look forward to seeing at E3!

Games on Platforms We Know

Charlie Murray

1. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception (Playstation 3) When I first got my PS3, the Uncharted games were the only games I was desperate to play. Uncharted 3 was announced before I got my PS3, so when I saw the trailer, I was a little clueless on what was going on. Now that I know the storyline, I just cannot wait to see what will be shown at E3. I mean Co-Op has been announced! How amazing is that? 2. Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) I haven’t played the first two games. I would love to, but with my laptop, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. But from what I have seen for Battlefield 3 so far, just… wow. Just wow. The animations are fantastic (because everything we’ve seen is in-game footage), the gameplay looks as thrilling as heck; I just cannot wait to see what EA have got to show for this game. 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Multiple Platforms) A lot of people usually bag Call of Duty because of how successful it is. Sometimes I do this too, but when it comes to Modern Warfare 3, I am always a sucker for it. I loved Call of Duty 4, and while everybody abused Modern Warfare 2, I thought it was fantastic (it’s always the teeny tiny things people bash the game for). I cannot wait to see footage for this game. 4. Alan Wake Title [rumored] (Xbox 360) Of course this game would be in my top 5. Although it’s not my top game to see at E3, I really hope the newest Alan Wake title is shown at E3. If it is the rumored Xbox Live Arcade title its supposed to be, then I doubt it will be shown at E3, but if not, then I cannot wait to see what is to be shown. 5. Metro: Last Light (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) I sincerely enjoyed Metro 2033. Despite it being quite a hard game at times, looking back at it, you realise it was an extremely decent game. The games graphics weren’t the best on the Xbox 360, but on the PC, they were better. Hopefully they have updated the graphics in it’s sequel.  

Daniel Brookes

1.Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 (Multiple Platforms) This is actually a cheat, but I want to see more of the ‘FPS War’ between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. We know that the multiplayer of Battlefield 3 will be shown off at E3, and we presume Activision will show off MW3’s multiplayer too. So I want to see which FPS comes out on top during E3. 2. Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) Gears 3 has been in my mind ever since the beta started, and September 20th can’t come soon enough. Gears is sure to be present at the Microsoft briefing with something that’s sure to be kick-ass awesomeness if Cliffy B has anything to do with it! 3. Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) With the pre-E3 news that Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle is actually playable in Arkham City, my hype-o-meter for this game is almost off the charts. I was a huge fan of Arkham Asylum and i can’t wait to see more from Rocksteady at E3. 4. WWE 12 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii) Personally, being a wrestling fan and a fan of wrestling games, i want to see the actual gameplay of WWE 12. Previews have said that despite the graphics being almost identical to the past SmackDown vs RAW series, gameplay is completely overhauled and it all makes for a much better experience than the past few games… 5. Halo: Combat Evolved HD [rumored] (Xbox 360) I’d like to see the long-rumoured Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake happen. I never played the original Halo: Combat Evolved back in the day and would love to see how it’s bought into this generation with the ever-improving Halo online space.  

Gabriel Castro

1. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception (Playsation 3) Uncharted 3: Big fan of the past 2 Uncharted games and every other Naughty Dog game in general. Every time they make a game they amaze the public and you think they could never top themselves and then, BAM! They make an even better one. 2. Rayman Origins (Xbox 360, Playstation 3) Barely anything has been said about this game other than it will be a full release instead of an XBLA/PSN release coming out in November. I’ve always liked Rayman but the latest games have been disappointing. This one looks to go back to its roots, focusing entirely on Rayman’s adventures, putting aside the crazy Rabbids and the gimmicks 3. Bioshock Infinite (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) I still regard Bioshock as one of the best games I’ve ever played. And from what I’ve seen so far of Infinite, it looks like it will top it in every imaginable way. It looks very original and unique and I can’t wait to see the Songbird in action! 4. Prey 2 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) I loved the 1st Prey. But this game still hasn’t convinced me. It looks like it doesn’t have anything in common with the first game other than the title. That’s why I want to know more. I want to see what the studio has done to make this game as good or better than the first, even though it has changed or dropped everything that made the first one unique. 5. Journey (Playstation 3) ThatGameCompany is known for crafting unique games that try to invest you in them emotionally. The last game they put out was Flower, a very unique and relaxing game where you control flower petals. Now they’re working on Journey, which looks to be just as unique. Aside from a few pictures and one video the characters walking through the sand, I’ve barely heard of this game, so for E3 I hope to know much more, since it seems to be a sure fire hit.  

Ben Gray

1. Bioshock: Infinite (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) I was late to the brilliance that was Bioshock, but the first game still remains one of my favourite for narrative and storytelling. The unique world of Rapture, plasmids and that surprising plot twist all combined to make a brilliant game. Infinite moves out of Rapture but still looks to have a solid backstory and universe spanning around the floating city. Having only seen the gameplay demonstration back last September, I can’t wait to see what Irrational Games have to show us of the game at E3. 2. From Dust (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) This game has slipped under the radar for many people, one; for being a downloadable title and two; we haven’t seen a great deal of it. But the small taste I’ve seen of the game has convinced me that this is going to be something special, and it’s great to know that it’ll be at E3, hopefully meaning we’ll see some more gameplay of it. The physics engine and the rich environments look brilliant on the in-game engine, and it looks like From Dust will take the digital market by storm in the summer. 3. Borderlands 2 [rumored] (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) Anyone who knows me would have saw this one coming. I absolutely adored the first game, and whilst many left this game to decay just a few months after release, I continued playing and realised what a brilliant game Borderlands is. The shooting and looting keeps me entertained for days, and the streamlined multiplayer only added to that further. Despite Gearbox probably occupied by post-release support for Duke Nukem Forever, and development on Aliens: Colonial Marines, I hope to god the sequel is in development right now, because I am starting to suffer severe withdrawals from Borderlands. Just give me my Claptrap.  

New Platforms and it’s Games (Our Thoughts)

Charlie Murray

NGP (PS Vita) [Sony] I just cannot wait to find out more about this. The NGP (PS Vita) will be a day 1 buy for me for sure. I love my PS3, and to know that the NGP will (hopefully) be better than the PS3 is exciting. I cannot wait to see more Uncharted: Golden Abyss action, Wipeout, Killzone and Call of Duty. AND TROPHIES!! Project Café [Nintendo] Honestly, I’m not hugely excited for this. Nintendo really needs to latch on the core gamers to get people like me interested, although there has been rumors of a Pokemon RPG for Project Café, and if so, I may just consider buying this. We’ll see when more of Project Café is revealed.

Daniel Brookes

NGP (PS Vita) [Sony] The NGP was revealed earlier in the year but hardly any details have been around since. The games look great, especially Uncharted, the device itself looks sleek and is set to be laden with features. E3 should bring more details, hopefully even a price and a release date Project Café [Nintendo] The successor to the hugely successul Wii, elements of Project Cafe have been leaked or reported and at Nintendo’s press conference, we’ll finally see it revealed.  

Gabriel Castro

NGP (PS Vita) [Sony] I’m very much looking forward to the NGP. It looks to be like a ver powerful handheld, capable of showcasing amazing games if done right. The price announcement does worry me, seeing as the original PSP was $250 when announced and this is a lot more powerful. The games I’m interested in are Sound Shapes, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Super Stardust Delta and Little Deviants.  

Ben Gray

NGP (PS Vita) [Sony] All I want is it to be everything the PSP Go wasn’t. Project Café [Nintendo] All I want is for Project Cafe to be more like the Gamecube than the Wii.  

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  • Cryss Leonhart

    Sound Opinions, Project Cafe Doesnt Need Core Gamers. Nintendo Know Who There Market Are, Its The Outside Developers Who Cater For Particular Gamers In General (Fragile Dreams For Example). Surprised Charlie Doesnt Care About The Wii Since He Latched Onto Kinect Pretty Quick And Thats Not Exactly Catering To Core Gamers.

    Microsofts Big Thing This Year Is Apparently Kinect So Im Surprised Charlie Didnt Put That Down In His. Maybe They Are Going To Finally Start Doing What The Natal Video Showed Us At Launch. Because At The Present Kinect Lies More Than Peter Moleneyx (Or However You Spell His Name) When He Advertises Fable 😉

    • Charlie Murray

      I’m not exactly excited for Kinect stuff you know Cryss.

      Dont know why you’d think I am :/

      • Cryss Leonhart

        Because You Bought  It And For A While Were Really Into It. So I Thought If They Did Something Beyond The Gimmick It Might Appeal 🙂

        Like Virtual Reality Or Something 😉

  • Cryss Leonhart

    Also Is No One Excited For The Old Republic Anymore :'(

  • Ollie Charlton

    Star wars Battlefront 3 for me 🙂

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