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Nave360 vs PostABargain – Call of Duty: Black Ops

This Sunday 21st November 2010 at 19:00 GMT, Nave360 and PostABargain are going head-to-head in a Call of Duty: Black Ops game night. We need 6-9 players for our team. Here’s a small list of things you may need to become part of our game night team:
  • You need to be avaliable Sunday 21st November 2010 at 19:00 GMT
  • You need to own the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops… and use it! (hehe)
  • You don’t need a microphone, but it would be nice to talk to you all.
  • Thats it.
Would you like to play for us?! Let us know in the comments below. Let us know if you can definitely make it, if you can maybe take it, or if you wish to (but you don’t have to0) on if you cannot make it. You need to post your GAMERTAG below or tell us if you can make it via our twitter with your gamertag.  Look forward to seeing you guys! It’s first come first served! Confirmed Players: The Sebianoti Kranitoko Wually LankyFeck Deadman V3 Living Line CC MULLZY SamYoolBest Maybe: blakepro il Radd Not Attending:

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  • Ollie Charlton

    I’ll play! Gamertag is wually

  • I’ll try to make it, but I dont know if I will be able to.
    Gamertag is blakepro

  • you know im up for it!!

  • I should be available

  • There is a possibility I can make it…what is that 1:00PM or 2:00PM Eastern for me? …seriously need to check a time zone chart…

    But it really depends on what my wife has planned for the day…

    GT: il Radd

    Edit: Oh, yeah…forgot to mention…I am pretty sucky at FPS games.

    • lol, for USA that would be 2PM Eastern, more like Game afternoon lol for those in US

  • Joinin’ up, Will be around till 19:00 to 23:30. Don’t have a mic though 🙁

  • Oh yeah, GT: SamYoolBest
    EDIT: Missed the edit button. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww—

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