Published on June 2nd, 2011 | by Charlie


Nave360 Is Going Multiplatform From 6th June

Today, we are pleased to announce that after 8 months of being an Xbox 360 exclusive site, we will become a multiplatform news and reviews site. This now allows us to be a bit more free with what news we can write about and what games we can review, and will allow a lot more content and activity. With the new site design, we feel it’s time that we moved onto bigger and better things. We understand a lot of people will not like the change too. Being multiplatform, we are now able to write about Sony products and games, PC games, iPhone games, Nintendo products and games, and so forth. We do have a limited amount of staff, so there is still a little bit of a limit to what we can write, but we’ll still be the site you’ve loved. However, despite the fact that we will be writing about Wii games, we won’t exactly be reviewing them just yet I’m afraid. However, the other platforms we will be. The multiplatform change will not happen just yet. We are going to wait until Monday 6th June, when E3 will start, so that we can talk about most of the content that pours out of there as it happens. You may be wondering: “But the site is called Nave360 because it’s an Xbox 360 site”. The 360 will still be on the sites name, but will no longer mean that we are just an Xbox 360 site. Don’t be too confused, as “360” can mean multiple things of your own interpretation. We hope you will all fully support us with this decision from Monday onwards.

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