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Nave360 Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

Today… it has been 1 year since Nave360 began! We thank you for all the support you’ve given us throughout the year. The staff at Nave360 (Seb, Charlie, Daniel and Ben) used to be part of Gamenoob, but after we moved on, we created our own site known as Nave360. We’ve updated our site three times with brand new looks and it has got better and better with each update. In December 2010, we said hello to Gabriel, who has been a brilliant reviewer and news writer for us. Then, at the end of December, many people raged at us (or Charlie) due to his opinions on the Best and Worst games of 2010 and Most Anticipated Games of 2011. In April 2011, we had our very first competition to win an actual retail game of Portal 2 for the Xbox 360, which was very successful, and we thank you if you entered it. In June 2011, we finally became a multiplatform website, and although the name “Nave360” confused people in terms of the fact “360” was for Xbox 360, people warmed up to the fact we were now multiplatform.
This is how Nave360 has changed throughout the year.
As well as those events, we have had popular articles throughout our year. Our first popular article was where we asked “CoD: Black Ops – Mission 4: How Long Did It Take You In Veteran?”. Another popular article about Black Ops we had was where Charlie encountered a strange error which has occurred in a few of the other Call of Duty’s. We’ve also had weekly segments such as “Do You Remember?” which reminded you of classic games on previous generation consoles, and “Have You Played…” which looked at current generation games and asks if you have tried them yet. Our most popular review, believe it or not, was Michael Jackson: The Experience… surprising, yes? We’ve also interviewed a couple of people throughout the year as well, such as Rob Weitoff (John Marston from Red Dead Redemption) and Dan Amrich who works for Activision. Without Seb, the site never would have existed. While we all contributed to the site, Seb was the one who got us the logo, the new looks we’ve had, the background checks, the bug fixes and so much more. Daniel and Ben both wrote many reviews for the site. Between them, they’ve written the Comic Jumper, R.U.S.E, WWE All Stars, and Black Ops DLC reviews… oh and many more too. Unfortunately, this month, Ben left us but we do wish him the best of luck. Gabriel has been our news writer and reviewer throughout the year, and has written reviews such as inFamous 2, Insanely Twisted Shadow Money, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Charlie has been our news writer, reviewer and secretly, an editor to the site. He’s written a lot of the big game reviews, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Enslaved. It has been a massive year, and there are a couple of honorable mentions we have. We’d like to thank Daniel (Wanyal) and Daniel Hart (KingDingDan) for being extremely supportive during Nave360. We’d also like to thank Cryss Leonhart for writing news for us, even though he’s still not officially a news writer. Yet! Sites we’d like to thank are The Games Tribe, Raptr, PostABargain and StickTwiddlers. Thank you for all your support, everybody. Here’s to the next year!

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