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UPDATE: Mystery Microsoft Points being Added to XBL Accounts

UPDATE: It appears those who got the extra Microsoft points are starting to see their balance restored to what it was if they did not spend them, so if you still have your Microsoft Points, spend them NOW! This is crazy… but check your Xbox Live account. Why? Because you could have multiple Microsoft points added into it. For some strange reason, people are waking up to find lots of Microsoft points being added into their accounts. From what I have gathered, it tends to have only happened to those who are part of the Xbox Rewards program. For example, if you were only meant to have 230 MSP added into your account from the Rewards scheme, you might have 5 times that much. It’s happened to multiple people. Has it happened to you? Could it be an error, or a glitch… or are Microsoft being generous? (I doubt that) What do you think is happening? It’s happened to people in the UK and US, so its possible its a world wide thing.

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  • Jamoregan

    mop is a jerk

  • Jamoregan

    mop has a tiny penis

  • souljah

    lol, there is nothing “Mystery” about it !! its called a xbox live “Rewards scheme”…….look it up.

    • Charlie Murray

      Yeah. But the rewards scheme doesnt give you multiple amounts of the “amount” you’re supposed to give. They only give you one set of points. look it up before you try to be smart.

  • WHERE ARE MY POINTS!? lol jk but seriously? i want them points! 

  • Recyclingcan

    Happened to me! i was given 1200 msp

  • Pelekophoros

    Yep, should have had 230 and got 5 times that. UK account.

  • I was supposed to get 200. I got 200 4x. WOO

  • Skul

    This happened to me this morning. I was almost freaking out that my account was hijacked…

    • Charlie Murray

      I’m sure your accounts fine 😉

  • Metal9

    So that’s what this is. My UK account was credited today with 1,200 MSP was wondering where it came from. Thought id have some sort of email from MS bragging about how generous they were being but nothing. So I’ve been assuming its a glitch and they’re gonna take em back, but now I think I’ll get a game :p

  • double post

  • Guess im one of the lucky ones that got awarded  1560 MS points. (260ms times 6 times)

  • Joseoaktownbay0051

    yea it has happen to me today i only had 10 ms points and now i got 910 ms points wow thats is crazy

  • FrostLime

    I got 420 microsoft points times 6. 🙂

  • VeryHappy

    I was supposed to get 860MP.
    I got 6 times more. I got amazing 5160MP.

    My question is: Should hurry up to spend them before Microsoft fixes the mistake ? Or no need to worry. The points will be there forever ?


  • TJ

    i got 1600

  • i spent all but i think 330 points and now im only seeing 50 points back on my account. i think they made them disappear. but still got my “free” downloads/DLC

  • Rtypefinal

    I got a rock

  • ryangeorge

    how does it work

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