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Review: Ms. Splosion Man

Review: Ms. Splosion Man Gabriel

Summary: Gabriel takes a look at Ms. Splosion Man, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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Sequel to the highly acclaimed Splosion Man, Ms. Splosion Man sets out to give us everything that made the first game so incredible while coating it with a delicious frosting of improvements. But is it better than its predecessor? Hell yes it is. Ms. Splosion Man starts off immediately after the first one. Splosion Man has been caught by the scientists and while they celebrate his capture, they accidentally spill champagne on the machinery and create Ms. Splosion Man, who instantly starts wrecking havoc on them. If you’ve played the first game, you’ll notice this one controls exactly the same, which isn’t a bad thing. The game’s a platformer, but instead of jumping, you have the ability to ‘splode up to three times in a row before having to recharge. This sets the stage for some inventive puzzles and level design, that sticks to what worked in the first game, while also adding some new gameplay elements to keep everything fresh, like grind rails, trampolines, quick time events and more (Don’t want to spoil everything for you!). This is a challenging game, much more than the first, and it will really test your reflexes. Some stages move so fast and require such fast reactions that it’s almost impossible to get through them on your first try, which makes this a trail and error kind of gameplay. Now, this might turn off some people, but if you can really stick with it, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every time you cross the stage’s finish line. I never felt like I wanted to smash my controller against the wall but I had to retry some stages plenty of times. The added level of challenge is thanks in part to the added variety in the game, especially in its environments, leaving behind the first game’s repetitive lab setting and taking the Miss to the outside world, from the sky to the beach. This leads to more inventive traps and puzzles, all being very fun to conquer. Graphically, the game looks great. The graphics are colorful and show some great attention to detail. Pay attention while you play, there’s cool stuff to see everywhere, even in the game’s backgrounds. The sound design is also top notch. Everything from the music to the voice overs is phenomenal. This games has some really catchy tunes. Hell, even the pause menu has it’s own song! And don’t even get me started on the star of the show, Ms. Splosion Man. A great part of what makes this game so endearing are the things she spouts. You’ll hear everything from songs belonging to Lady Gaga and Willow Smith to a lot of pop culture references, like lines from movies and TV shows. Everything she says is hilarious, so pay close attention. And it’s no surprise this game is so funny, since it’s coming from the guys over at Twisted Pixel (The Maw, Splosion Man, Comic Jumper). They’re commitment to creating the weirdest and most hilarious gags is amazing. Every one of their games has made me laugh and I have to say, this is their funniest. (One of the funniest things occurs when you skip a difficult section of a stage. Go try it out, you’ll see.) This game doesn’t suffer from a lack of content. In addition to the 50 single player stages, you also get another 50 for co-op, sporting different stages and a different ending. There’s also a new unlockable mode called “2 Girls one Controller”, where one player controls 2 Splosion ladies with just one controller. It’s incredibly hard but it’s something you’ll want to experience yourself. There’s also an in-game mall, which lets you spend the money you win after completing each stage. You can unlock gamerpics, themes, videos, concept art and much more. And finally, leaderboards. Not only can you track your current ranking in each stage compared to the world, but you can also download other people’s ghost data and try to beat it. This just pushes the replay value of the game through the roof. And for just 800 MSP, it’s astonishing that it offers so much. Twisted Pixel continues its streak of amazing games, giving us a sequel that keeps what worked while also providing something much more varied, challenging, funny and most importantly, fun to play. The level of content and polish put into this title is more than even some full retail games. This is a game well worth your hard earned money. So go get it, NOW!

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