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Most Anticipated Xbox 360 and PS3 Games of 2013

With the recent announcements of the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, it’s easy to forget that the Xbox 360 and PS3 still have a lot of life left in them. Games will continue to be released on the current consoles long after the new models are established. As we complete all of our current games and turn to the internet and find ourselves on http://www.slots.com waiting for the next big release, games developers are working to deliver the next big hit; regardless of console generation. Searching for game previews online is a great way to find the best upcoming releases across all of the consoles, helping you discover games that you would otherwise have overlooked.

Grand Theft Auto V

buzzard This critically acclaimed and multi-console title is one of the most anticipated releases of 2013. Building upon the increasingly open world gameplay which has expanded ever since the original Grand Theft Auto, the fifth incarnation is set to be the first to feature multiple playable characters. The three characters are all men at different stages in their criminal career, and it looks as if gameplay will switch between the characters for alternate missions. With the eating and drinking mini-games in GTA: San Andreas followed by the bowling and pool in GTA IV, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some more glamorous activities in GTA V like the chance to play jackpot slots in the casino or settle down for a game of Blackjack. Exciting waves are being made about the game’s multiplayer functions too. Whatever comes, the game has a lot to live up to and early trailers look as if it’s going to deliver when it lands in September.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition

24303_2_1 Whilst this isn’t strictly a new release, the Legendary Edition of Skyrim is already being short-listed as a potential Game of the Year contender. Including the original best-selling game along with all three expansion packs which have come out in the interim, Skyrim Legendary Edition is set to be a summer hit with games worldwide. With the Dawnguard expansion introducing new vampire-themed quests, Dragonborn bringing a historical storyline and Hearthfire expanding the gameplay towards simulation as well as role playing; Skyrim is ticking all the slots online.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

splinter_cell_blacklist_2013-1280x720 Tom Clancy’s latest release is set to arrive on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in August this year. The sixth incarnation of the popular franchise, Blacklist looks set to break all the rules by introducing a ‘killing in motion’ feature which allows quick fire kills in battles. The biggest talking about are the features that will arrive with the Xbox 360 version and Kinect integration. The microphone on the Kinect will be active and allow players to speak and distract enemies whilst they control their in-game character to attack. This innovative feature is set to provide an all new playing style, set to be as revolutionary a release as the Michael Jackson Experience game


WatchDogs_CarChase Watch_Dogs is set to give Grand Theft Auto V a run for its money when it’s released in November 2013. The action adventure game certainly takes inspiration from Rockstar in its city based open world play which puts the character on the wrong side of the law and allows them to make choices and take consequences into their own hands. An interesting unique feature gives the player the power to control technology around him, blocking phone calls, activating traffic lights, raising road bollards on a busy street. If this executive control extends to any in game casinos and the character finds himself with a chance to play 3d slots and win every time, the learning curve might be a little less steep than it looks!

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman-Arkham-Origins-21 The third instalment of the new-look gritty Batman games come in the form of Arkham Origins in October this year. Being a sequel to Arkham City, this incarnation of the series actually takes place before the previous two games and puts a young Bruce Wayne on the streets of Gotham before and during the process which led to his becoming the Dark Knight. Witnessing the corruption throughout the streets from crime and illegal gambling (though there are no online casinos in Gotham), Wayne encounters a number of familiar characters for the first time and begins to become the Batman we know today. A new fast travel system allows Batman to summon his plane and get around the city quicker, whilst new gadgets are also aimed at making travel around the open world Gotham a little more enjoyable. Arkham Origins is being pegged to be one of the most thrilling action games of the year, with even IGN proclaiming that they can’t wait to get their hands on it.

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