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Microsoft’s E3 2012 Conference

This is the first E3 conference from Microsoft. What you are reading is what I am writing in real time from the conference.
  • Things first start off with an awesome trailer for Halo 4 which shows some awesome gameplay with gorgeous environments.
  • Next we move right onto the latest splinter cell game. Green lights… The new game is called Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It’s definitely a different move ahead from previous splinter cell games. Slow motion? What is this, Max Payne? Sam Fischer is now about to break down a door and storm a building. Badass. And he just killed someone he wasn’t supposed to. Oops. The game will be released Spring 2013… with Spy vs Merc…
  • EA Sports now… you’d think they’d wait for the EA conference. They are now going to show FIFA 13 using Kinect. It’s essentially a chance for you to be the manager when playing a football (soccer) match. The game will be released this Fall. Now they’re moving onto Madden NFL 13 using Kinect. Better with Kinect (not really). Joe Montana is now playing the game using Kinect… it looks quite weird; not sure if I’d say those commands in the game if I were ever to play it. August 28th is when the game is released.
  • Next it’s a trailer for Fable: The Journey… you know. The Kinect game you thought was on rails. Looks like Dragonball Z for Kinect if you ask me. The game will be released Holiday 2012.
  • Phil Spencer is now on the stage. He’s now talking about development talent like 343 and Epic Games. He just mentioned a new Action Racer, but first… its Gears of War. You got Baird in handcuffs. Oh… That was it? Gears of War: Judgement. The game will be released in 2013.
  • Next, it’s the newest Forza title. It seems to go off the race track and heads straight onto open roads, like that of Need for Speed and DiRT. DUBSTEP! I must say this Forza doesn’t look as realistic as Forza 3… Forza: Horizon comes out October 23rd 2012.
  • Next it’s Yusuf Mehdi, talking about the entertainment side of the Xbox 360. From Fall 2012, you can watch things from genre by using Bing. The game will now get the support of 12 new languages. He’s trying out the functionality for a Mexican. Kind of amusing in a way. He’s said he plans to double everything. Nickelodeon, Paramount Movies, Machinima and UVideos will all be on Xbox soon. Now he’s talking about Sports (yay…). Xbox’s portfolio of sports will continue to grow, with the inclusion of NBA to Xbox. NHL is also coming to Xbox. ESPN is about to get even better, with 24/7 live programming events through the Xbox 360; that’s ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and ESPN U. Now it’s time for a video on how we’ll watch sports on the Xbox 360. It’s apparently going to be “amazing”. Next we move onto music; Xbox Music, which will have 30 million tracks. It’ll be on the Xbox 360, Windows 8 PC, tablets and phones. Finally, we’re moving onto Kinect. This is apparently the future of fitness…
  • Now Nike is on the stage. “If you have a body, you’re an athlete”. OK then… Nike+ Kinect Training has just been announced, a new fitness game for Xbox 360. Move over Fitness Evolved. Believe it or not, but it sounds quite interesting, where you can even work out with people throughout the world. I’m sorry but the trailer just reminds me of Fitness Evolved. The game will be out Holiday 2012.
  • Marc Whitten is now on the stage, talking about smartphones and tablets. Apparently our devices aren’t smart because they don’t work together. Whatever then. Xbox SmartGlass combines all your devices; even your iPads surprisingly. It’s Sherlock Holmes on the screen now. Great film; watch it. SmartGlass allows you to transfer your movies from the device to your television. Now he’s showing Game of Thrones on the Xbox 360… uh why? Let’s see how it’ll make games better… so it’s almost like the Wii U then? Next we look at Halo 4 using the SmartGlass, with Halo Waypoint being shown on it; quite impressive to say the least, where you can have Halo and Halo Waypoint running at the same time. With Kinect and SmartGlass, Microsoft is now bringing Internet Explorer to Xbox. But I wanted Firefox! We’re now watching a clip from the movie Prometheus. Now we’re looking at Aston Martin cars using the web browser; nifty. But this is meant to be a gaming conference…. isn’t it? The SmartGlass will launch this Fall. Now he’s on about Windows 8; can we move onto games please?
  • It’s time for Crystal Dynamics with Tomb Raider. We’re now looking at a demo for Tomb Raider using the bow. Lara’s being stealthy, but oh no wait. She’s been spotted. And now she’s just pushed someone off a ledge. The game looks gorgeous. Oh look. A quick time event; typical. The game is showing how to use the environment smartly, like making flames pour out over people, or shooting barrels so they roll down hills; very clever but I hope that isn’t all there is to it. Oh no, Lara is going down a ravine with slow motion awesomeness. And now here’s a plane/ Oh snap… the glass is about to break. And now she’s parachuting through a forest. What is going on?! What just happened? The first DLC of Tomb Raider will be timed exclusive.
  • Phil Spencer is back on the stage now. The first game he is showing a from Signal Studios, called Ascend: New Gods. Imagine it like those toy Warhammer board games you play, only not Warhammer. And that the AI isn’t plastic since they actually bleed. The game is coming in 2013.
  • Next it’s time for a game called LocoCycle, by Twisted Pixel, which showed a strange motorcycle. Releasing in 2013.
  • Inception music? This can’t be good… The trailer showing now has strange balls and cubes, and it’s called “Matter”… and it’s made for Kinect. Releasing in 2013.
  • Now it’s Capcom, about to show a demo for Resident Evil 6. We see Leon, shooting zombies whilst being shot at by a helicopter. At least there are actually zombies in this game. And now there’s a whole swarm of them approaching and… he just blew them up. Awesome. And he just got bitten… shouldn’t he be starting to turn into one then in realistic terms? Sure, it takes a while but that isn’t the point. Now he’s running from massive explosions… yes, this is Resident Evil. And now he just made a jump he shouldn’t of been able to make in real life… typical Capcom. And now the helicopter pilot is dead, surprise surprise. The game looks decent enough I suppose. The demo ends with Leon being surrounded by many zombies.
  • Alex Ruiz now on the stage to talk about Wrecketer, a Kinect game coming to Xbox Live. It’s a game where you have to destroy towers and castles whilst trying to get a high score. Looks fun, but the game won’t hold me I don’t think. The game is coming out this Summer.
  • Now it’s time for a trailer from the upcoming South Park: The Staff of Truth, and there’s fire everywhere. There’s a new kid apparently who has great power. This game looks manic. Oh… YOU are the new kid. Didn’t see that coming. The creators of South Park have just come on the stage now. They’re talking about how amazing the game looks and how closely it resembles to the show.
  • Oh look; it’s Dance Central 3! Oh look, its Usher, who has helped towards choreography… apparently. Now we’re about to watch a performance from Usher. How pointless. It’s funny because I thought this was a conference where we’re shown games, not a pointless performance. Now we’re seeing a glimpse of actual game footage as Usher performs. I suppose that’s something…
  • Don Mattrick is now on the stage. It’s time for the end of the show, with the conference ending with a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 demo… where the content will launch first on the Xbox 360. I hear Woods’ voice. Explosions here, there, everywhere. Textures, of course, look slightly low quality but never mind. The premise of this demo is protecting the president, who is actually a woman. Now the main character is sniping enemies in order to protect the president. These guns allow you to snipe through things, like rocks; interesting. In the interest of time… if we were still interested at that point… Those flying bird things (I don’t know what they’re called) are whizzing about the place in the demo. All I see are bullets, explosions and destruction… just like every Call of Duty. And now a building falls. At least it’s slightly quieter. And now the game is going all Battlefield 3 on us where you can fly a jet through the city. Hope the guy you play as is qualified to do that… The Future is Black… Black Ops 2 will be out 13th November 2012. And now the conference comes to a close. That’s it?

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