Published on June 4th, 2011 | by Gabriel


Microsoft Sells 55 Million 360 consoles

Today, Microsoft announced that it has sold 55 million Xbox 360’s globally,  maintaining its lead over the PS3. Also, 360 sales in the US are still on the rise, even six years into its life-cycle. This success is the outcome of the many updates made for the console, like Kinect. Microsoft has also stated: “No other console in history can make that claim.” Those are big words and it’s good that Microsoft is having so much success but there’s one thing: this is based on US stats, and the PS3 is know to be doing better in other regions. Also, neither the PS3 or the other contender, the Wii, have reached their sixth birthday, so we’ll see as time goes by. Microsoft provided this graph showing it’s performance. And things looks good for the Redmont giant.

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