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Microsoft Reveals The Total Achievement Score

Anybody who has played an Xbox 360 game must have at least one! Achievements have taken over gaming, and is almost everywhere now, on sites, and wikipedias!   Microsoft have revealed the total achievement score since 2005 when the Xbox 360 was revealed. Between gamers (obviously from those who have logged onto Xbox Live. Microsoft isn’t magic!), we (or they) have managed to attain over 6.3 Billion achievements, and the total score:


Wow. And apparently, an average users has 11,286G.   How many achievements have you earned and what is your gamerscore? Let us know on twitter or in the comments! Take a look at mine: Xbox 360 Games Played: 117 Achievements Earned: 1877 Achievement Score: 34238 Plus, I have had an Xbox 360 since 2009.   Don’t know how to find out? Go onto your Xbox 360 and go to “My Xbox” and it will be the one to the right of the “Disc Details”. There, you can check your score and achievements earned. To check how many games you have played, check your “My Games” profile on

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