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Published on December 2nd, 2010 | by Charlie


Microsoft Presents: Games For The Holidays

The christmas holidays are almost here! And how are Microsoft celebrating this? Through Xbox Live Arcade games of course!

Starting from December 22, Microsoft will be releasing some brand new Xbox Live Arcade that you will no doubt enjoy, which include A World of Keflings, Raskulls and ilomilo. Only have enough to buy one of these games and can’t decide which sounds more interesting? Although, if you do have enough, you should really buy them all. That would be our suggestion anyway…


A World of Keflings

Game Description: Build a robot, rescue the princess, make friends with a dragon and help a creepy witch get even creepier. Take your Xbox LIVE Avatar on a journey through exotic lands while you help the tiny Keflings build and customize their kingdoms! Play with a friend on the same console or with three friends over Xbox LIVE in this story-based, kingdom-building adventure.

Release Date: 22 December 2010

Age rating: E10+ (Teen)


• Local and Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Modes: Build kingdoms cooperatively with one friend on the same console or with up to three friends over Xbox LIVE!

• Unlockable Avatar Emotes: As your kingdoms expand and develop so do your avatar’s skills! Learn dances, funny emotes and other new ways to express your avatarly self. • Musical Machine Boxes: Build and arrange musical cannons to create endless song possibilities. • In-Game Avatar Props: See your avatar props appear in-game as you play! • Unlockable Avatar Items: Just play to unlock new items for your avatar.

Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Extras: The game comes with 12 achievements and two avatar awards, which are a cute dragon pet and a Kefling Chief Hat. The game was developed by NinjaBee, who have made Xbox Live arcade games such as Cloning Clyde and Outpost Kaloski X.

Careful! It's slippery!



Game Description: Raskulls is a bone-shakingly crazy action platformer! Embark on an action-packed adventure in the Raskulls Mega Quest, starring the lovable yet completely self-centered King, tough-but-fair Bonesaw and the unlikely hero Dragon. Save the world and unlock Achievements in the single player Mega Quest spanning three chapters and over 60 levels! Take your platforming prowess online around the world, or simply on the couch with friends in Raskulls Multiplayer! Raskulls is here to stay, so it’s now your quest to jump, fall, swim and bash your way through every inch of the rich Raskulls world! Release Date: 29 December 2010 Age Rating: E10+ (Teen) Game Features: • Characters: Raskulls features fresh characters and a wacky sense of humor. • Multiplayer: Raskulls multiplayer is a frantic just-one-more experience that is extremely accessible, with room for mastery. Features both local and online play. • Gameplay: The block mechanics and platform foot-racing (Mr. Driller meets Mario Kart) are unique to Raskulls. • Mega Quest: A fully fledged story, and features a mix of action and puzzle challenges, boss fights and cut scenes. • Challenge: Mega Quest also features optional challenge nodes that represent a significant jump in difficulty. These are designed to appeal to more skilled, and completionist, players. • Leaderboards: Fitting Mega Quest challenges are seamlessly integrated with leaderboards, fostering competition between friends, and allowing players to compete with the best of the best. Price: 800 Microsoft Points Extras: The arcade game, of course, comes with 12 achievements and two wacky, but awesome avatar awards, which are a Raskulls helmet and a Raskulls T-Shirt (male or female). The game was developed by HalfBrick, who have had a history in making such arcade games, especially for iPhone games. The only other Xbox Live Arcade game they have created is Echoes.

What's in the presents?



Game Description: It’s a world of cubes out there, where up is down and down is up. ilo and milo always seem to get separated from each other! The two friends need to find ways to cooperate to be able to finally unite again. The journey of ilomilo will take you through four unique and twisted worlds filled with strange animals and cube-creatures. Some cubes are friendly and can be picked up, while others are more rebellious and walk about on their own accord! Release Date: 5 January 2011 Age Rating: E (Everyone) Game Features: • Singleplayer Story: Travel through four different environments, each with their own personality, in the world of ilomilo, to discover the secret behind ilo and milo’s fantastic dream world. • Cooperative Gameplay: Mode for two players to explore the world of ilomilo together. • Cameo Characters: Famous characters from other games are hidden in the world for players to find. • Unlockable Mini Game: Play the ingenious retro 2D mini game “ilomilo shuffle” with its own competitive leaderboard. Price: 800 Microsoft Points Extras: The arcade game, not to be mistaken with a capital “i”, comes with 12 achievements and comes with two avatar awards, which are your very own ilo & milo avatar prop and a ilomilo t-shirt. The game was developed by SouthEnd Interactive, who released Commanders: Attack of the Genos back in 2008.

Cute, cute and cute!

Have a merry christmas to everybody on Xbox Live, and we hope you enjoy these three exciting games!

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