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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by Charlie


Microsoft E3 Conference

Are you ready? Here is what I managed to pick up from the Microsoft conference as it happened:  
  • First of all, Microsoft showed off a level for Modern Warfare 3 involving submarines, explosives, shooting and destruction. Just like every Call of Duty!
  • Next, it’s Tomb Raider, where Lara is shipwrecked and is held captive on a mysterious island. In the demo, she is tied up, so you have to try and break free. In the game, you are required to survive, relighting torches as they go out and so forth. One more thing…. Lara grunts a lot! Sometimes, you need to have quick reflexes to escape.
  • EA is next, and PGA Tour, Madden NFL, FIFA will all have Kinect support.
  • Bioware is up now, and Mass Effect 3 will indeed have Kinect support. Bioware are showing us a demo of Mass Effect 3. The guy on stage is showing off Kinect using voice controls to select choices, which is pretty good. Using Kinect, you can order your team mates to move up.
  • Ubisoft is next, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will also have Kinect Support. You can select your guns, and customize your guns to the extreme. There are over 20,000,000 different possible gun customizations. Ubisoft have just proven how Kinect will work with First Person Shooters! Ubisoft have just revealed that all Tom Clancy titles will support Kinect, which is great!
  • Xbox Live is up next. Using the power of your voice, you can control a lot more than you used to. YouTube is coming to Xbox Live! BING is also coming to Xbox, which will allow you to search all sorts of things you would search for on the original Bing…. all using your voice! Live TV will also come to the Xbox 360, and will launch this fall.
  • UFC now, and this holiday, you can use Xbox Live to connect even better with it.
  • Xbox Studios next, and they are showing a new trailer for Gears of War 3 and it looks amazing! Cliff Bleszinski is up next, and is thanking everybody who participated in the beta. He has just invited Ice-T onto the stage to show the demo out for Gears of War 3. In the demo, the Gears are at sea, and a sea creature is attacking the ship they are on. It’s your job to defeat it (of course). The demo made Gears of War 3 look epic…
  • Crytek has just shown a trailer for Ryse, which is an Xbox 360 Kinect title.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved … has been remade. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is due November 15th. November has some serious competition!
  • Forza: Motorsport 4 is up next, and the graphics look insane! Forza 4 can, of course, be used with Kinect, and it is obvious that this game has had some serious tune ups. Get it? It’s due October 11th.
  • Fable is next, with Fable: The Journey. They’re showing a cinematic trailer, and it seems to be a lot darker than previous games. You can use Kinect with Fable: The Journey, and the controls look insane! However, this is Fable on rails, I’m afraid. The game is due for release in 2012.
  • And what? Minecraft is making its way to the Xbox 360 using Kinect this winter!
  • Next is Kinect Disneyland Adventures, where you can visit Disneyland, and experience the magic from your own home! Definitely a kids game however, with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. The game will be out this holiday exclusively for Kinect.
  • Kinect Star Wars is next, with new gameplay footage, and this game looks like a serious Kinect title! Lightsaber action looks fantastic! And you can use the force… neat! However, this too looks like an on the rails game. Sort of anyway.
  • Next, it’s Tim Schaffer to show off “Once Upon A Monster” from Sesame Street, where you can play as Elmo and the Cookie Monster. Yay! Definitely a family game for sure. You can navigate through levels as if you were reading a book. The game is coming out this fall exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect.
  • Kinect Fun Labs is next, where you can mess around with Kinect gadgets. It’s available for all Xbox Live members. Like the Nintendo 3DS, you can make your avatar look just like you through scanning. Finger tracking is next, so it looks like Kinect will get a tech upgrade. You can draw things with your fingers as if it was 3D! Object Capture allows you to take objects and bring them to life in a whole new way. Kinect Fun Labs is going up today! (6/6/11)
  • Kinect Sports Season Two is up next! Six new sports, such as Golf, American Football, Skiing and Tennis. The game will now have in-game voice, and new gestures. The game comes out this Holiday.
  • Dance Central 2 now has voice control, campaign mode and more. All songs from Dance Central 1 can be imported into Dance Central 2. Multiplayer dancing has also been announced for the game.
  • Modern Warfare 3 DLC will obviously be Xbox 360 time exclusive.
  • And finally, Halo 4! For Holiday 2012!

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