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Microsoft buys Twisted Pixel

Oh come on. Like you didn’t see this happening. After all, all of Twisted Pixel’s games (besides from The Maw) have all been Xbox 360 exclusives, so if you are surprised about this news… why? Twisted Pixel have made 5 games in total (The Maw, ‘Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, Ms. Splosion Man and The Gunstringer) all which have received a good response. “Twisted Pixel has an incredible track record of innovative, critically acclaimed, and most importantly, fun, games,” said Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer. “Microsoft Studios is home to cutting-edge entertainment experiences, and the incredible creativity of the Twisted Pixel team will help drive further innovation around Kinect and Xbox LIVE.” “It is really exciting for us to solidify our long-standing relationship with Microsoft Studios, who we consider to be the leader in digital distribution and creating new innovations in gaming like Xbox LIVE and Kinect. As part of the family of Microsoft Studios we look forward to bringing even bigger and richer experiences to Xbox and Twisted Pixel fans around the world,” said Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford. Already, people believe that this could be the end for Twisted Pixel (we all know how badly Microsoft promotes exclusives if their names aren’t Forza, Gears of War or Halo) but we shall see where this goes.  

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  • Cryss

    Thats Kind Of Depressing, I Would Have Said Microsoft Need Every Exclusive Developer They Get They Have 12 And Insomniac Make “MOST” Of Their Games For The PS3…..

    The Reason Microsoft Do Not Advertise Any Other Exclusives Because They Have No Others

    • Cryss

      I Meant To Write Sony Have 12 *Tired Face*

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