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Metal Gear Solid 3D Release Date Announced

Konami confirmed the release date today, set for launch on the 8th March. The game will release on 3DS, with both gyro support in situations that require balancing, as well as support for the circle pad pro, which by adding another thumb stick allows easier aiming. This date is shared between both Japan and Europe. The game was initially revealed in 2010 and will be the first Metal Gear game to hit a Nintendo system, as well as one of the most graphically demanding. Originally revealed as a sample of what the 3DS could do, any Metal Gear title was suggested to have elements from the PSP titles, including features such as co-op before the announcement of Snake Eater. The game will be launching on February 21st for those in America, getting access 2 weeks early, and unlike it’s predecessor, the 3DS titles are region locked meaning there is no early access for those willing to import the title, unless of course you import your 3DS as well.

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