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Published on October 13th, 2011 | by Gabriel


Review: Mercury Hg

Review: Mercury Hg Gabriel
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Summary: Gabriel takes a look at Mercury Hg, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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Many of you out there are probably familiar with Mercury and Mercury Meltdown, 2 early releases for the PSP which present you with of a blob of mercury, tasked with traversing different stages from beginning to end. Thin Super Monkey Ball, but instead of a monkey…well, you get it. These games were straight up puzzlers, and fun ones at that. Cue in Mercury Hg, the current rendition available on PSN and XBLA. Is this one as good as its brethren?

The game has a simple premise: you have a blob of mercury in front of you and a clear goal at the end of each stage. Your only concern os to get the blob from start to finish without losing chunks of it over the edge of the stage. Now, you don’t have direct control over your blob. You control how the stage tilts, which in turn moves the blob. A level of finesse is needed to be able to move the blob as fast and precise as needed through the stage, since even the slitest touch of the analog stick moves the stage one way or the other.

But it isn’t as simple as just traversing the stages, but also how you overcome the obstacles presented to you on your way to the finish line. Many things will stand in you way, such as periodic table-like switches that must be pressed to allow you to continue over the terrain, different terrains that affect how your blob moves through the environment (like making you slower), machines that change the mercury’s color, allowing to move forward and even sections that require that you split your blob using the environment, since more than one mercury blob is needed. It all adds up to provide a steady challenge, helping to keep each stage fresh and entertaining.

The main mode of the game, Discovery, presents different stages all across the periodic table. But that’s not all. There’s a couple of other modes: Ghost, which lets you compete against your own best time or that of others online, Challenge mode, Bonus mode and leaderboards to keep your competitive nature alive. But the game isn’t content with just that, it wants to keep you coming back for more, which is why every stage in Discovery mode has 4 different goals to achieve. These are: beating the level, grabbing all the collectibles, beating the set time and finishing the level with a 100% mercury rating (meaning not spilling any of your blob over the edges). Each one of these goals saves separately, meaning you don’t have to do all 4 at the same time to gain them all. Fulfilling the goals, in turn, gives you points that build up into unlockables in the game (like special levels). And if that wasn’t enough, you can add your own tracks to the game. Mercury Hg is a very musical games, with stages reacting to the beat of the music that is playing in the background. You can enjoy the tracks the game includes, or add your own and see the stage come alive to your music in front of your eyes.

Mercury Hg might not be the longest game on PSN and XBLA, with Discovery being able to be beaten in one sitting, but the plethora of content available in the game will keep you playing for a long time. It’s not just about beating the stage, it’s about conquering every goal and beating your friends and everyone else on the leaderboards. Add to that that it’s exceedingly cheap ($4.99), and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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    I liked this game alot. Had some issues with frame rates and freezing on xbla.

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