Published on February 7th, 2012 | by Charlie


Medal of Honor 2 to be Shown at GDC 2012

Remember that ending to Medal of Honor? If you were me, then that moment may just have got to you as it really brought you close to the downfalls of war… so news of a sequel might just be a must for you too, huh? EA have sent out invitations about their announcement at GDC with the Medal of Honor logo slapped onto it, which reveals a date of “6 March 2012”, a time of 20:00 PST and a location of “The Grand Nightclub” (kinky), which would no doubt be the upcoming reveal of Medal of Honor 2. What’s more is that PSM3 slipped a teaser in the latest issue of their magazine, with 2 bullets showing on the page. The page also reads the game will be “A Mystery Shooter Sequel”, which could quite possibly be Medal of Honor 2 due to the date for the release of the magazine also being March 6th. Are you ready for Medal of Honor 2? Check the invite and the PSM3 magazine page below.

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