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Mass Effect 3 Launch DLC Leaked

The day 1 downloadable content, titled “From Ashes”, was posted onto earlier today. Since then it has been removed. Costing 800 Microsoft Points and at just over half a gig (628MB), the content was later confirmed by Mike Gamble (BioWare Producer), saying that it will be available on launch and gamers who have pre-ordered the N7 Collectors Edition (& Origins Digital Deluxe Edition) will receive the content for free. According to the Mass Effect twitter, the game had recently gone gold. Between that time, developers often get to work on DLC. So can this really seem like such a big shock? Don’t fret, as EA did this with Dragon Age II last year, so this wouldn’t be the first time EA do this (rather than wait a little while). In an age where used game sales drive down the profitability of new releases, can we honestly act shocked when developers charge for day 1 DLC? On the other hand, it’s EA. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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